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Feline Conservation Foundation’s Inaugural Capitol Day Marks a Significant Step in Feline Conservation Advocacy

FCF Capitol Day

FCF members meeting with House Agriculture Committee Republican staff

On September 14, 2023, the Feline Conservation Foundation (FCF) reached a noteworthy milestone by hosting its inaugural Capitol Day in Washington, D.C. This event highlights the dedication of 10 committed FCF members representing eight institutions across five states, all driven by their deep commitment to feline welfare and protecting the zoological industry at large.

FCF's annual Capitol Day is aimed at forging essential connections with policymakers and representatives from diverse political backgrounds. The core objective of these meetings is to introduce FCF as a valuable resource in conversations related to the wild animals under human care, a goal profoundly linked to the FCF’s mission of conservation of wild felines through educational opportunities, responsible ownership and advocacy.

This moment symbolized a turning point for FCF, signifying its pledge to cultivate constructive dialogues with key lawmakers. At the heart of FCF's advocacy lies a firm belief in the principles of education and responsible ownership within the realm of feline conservation. This gives members an effective approach to collaboration in governance through open dialogue.

On this first day of group advocacy, Brian Braitsch, FCF's Executive Director, encapsulated FCF's mission, organizational identity, and its significant contributions to feline conservation on a global scale. Subsequent team members shared thoughtful insights about their respective businesses and the broader industry, all with the objective of safeguarding wild cat husbandry across the zoological industry.

This proactive approach was met with genuine interest and enthusiasm from Congressmen and Staff. FCF's commitment to responsible feline management was recognized as a valuable perspective within the ongoing discourse.

Beyond the exchange of introductions to key lawmakers and staff, FCF's inaugural Capitol Day underscored that the organization represents a substantial voice in these critical conversations. The team showcased a wealth of expertise and experience, demonstrating their readiness to collaborate, offer insights, and engage in productive discussions about feline welfare and conservation. For many lawmakers, the voices of animal advocacy have generally come from people who do not work in the zoological field, so the FCF members’ perspectives were both welcome and novel.

The resounding success of this first Capitol Day has laid a solid foundation for the future of FCF. It is imperative that FCF continues to engage with policymakers, ensuring that its perspective remains a prominent part of the conversation. Through advocacy for responsible ownership, education, and conservation, FCF aims to contribute to improved policies and practices that benefit wild felines and all those dedicated to their welfare.

Contact Information:
Brian Braitsch
Executive Director
[email protected]
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FCF Capitol Day
FCF Capitol Day

FCF members meeting with House Agriculture Committee Republican staff

FCF Capitol Day Darren Soto
FCF Capitol Day Darren Soto

FCF members with Congressman Darren Soto

FCF Capitol Day
FCF Capitol Day

FCF members with Congressman Greg Steube

Original Source: Feline Conservation Foundation's Inaugural Capitol Day Marks a Significant Step in Feline Conservation Advocacy
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