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PIDX International Releases Industrial Data Exchange (IDX) Platform, Continuing Its Strategic Initiatives

In line with its strategic initiatives, PIDX International, with the support of its Members, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Industrial Data Exchange (IDX) Platform. This API-driven platform is specifically designed for PIDX Downstream Product Codes, aiming to streamline data exchange processes.

PIDX Downstream Product Codes are required elements within the PIDX Bill of Lading (BOL) protocol. Each product loaded at a terminal is identified by a PIDX code. As the protocol doesn't permit freeform text, it is crucial to establish standards and ensure consistency in product identification across terminals.

Before the development of the IDX Platform, the process of requesting and receiving PIDX Downstream product codes was manual and prone to errors. Faxes, emails, calls, and other unreliable methods were utilized for requesting product codes. According to Kris Pronske, Senior Implementation Specialist at DTN and PIDX Downstream Work Group Chair, "Having a straightforward, automated protocol for requesting product codes removes the need for manual processing and reduces time delays in getting codes assigned."

Requests for new product codes are initiated when new products are introduced to the market. Terminal automation systems (TAS) are responsible for approving changes and updating the terminal operator system. In some cases, third-party data providers also play a role in this complex ecosystem. According to Elena Mereanu, QA Lead at Transport4 and PIDX Standards and Guidelines Committee Chair, "The IDX Platform is huge for the Downstream industry. Our next area of focus will be the PIDX Downstream Company Codes. PIDX driving its strategic initiatives forward helps the entire industry move forward."

DocStudio, a new PIDX Member, has volunteered its API-based platform for the IDX Platform. To request codes and access instructional videos, interested parties can visit Once submitted and approved through the PIDX process, new Product Codes become available in real time. A validation process ensures further enhancing of the industrial data exchange project. According to Alisa Konchenko, VP of Business Development at DocStudio and PIDX Downstream Member, "The enhanced approach of the PIDX IDX Platform improves efficiency and automation, guaranteeing immediate information delivery to the requester."

PIDX International pioneered the development of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in the late 1980s and XML standards in the early 2000s. Today, the organization continues to serve as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting data protection, standardization, and efficiency in data exchange. 

Chris Welsh, CEO of OFS Portal and COO of PIDX International, stated, "We appreciate having PIDX Members get involved and support the creation of open, technology-agnostic, transparent standards. PIDX's strategic initiatives include standards adoption, preparing for our energy future, and improving our digital footprint. With a successful proof of concept (POC) with PIDX's Emissions Transparency Data Exchange, the formation of our Standards Adoption Council, and now with the new IDX Platform, we are well on our way toward accomplishing all of our strategic initiatives, promoting standardization and driving efficiency in data exchange."


Based in Houston, Texas, PIDX International is a trusted professional organization of Energy Industry leaders dedicated to working together to standardize data exchange for digital business. PIDX has developed global standards by and for all participants in the Energy Industry. With a strong antitrust framework at its foundation, PIDX provides a trusted and proven environment for operators, suppliers, and network providers to communicate, collaborate, and transform. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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Original Source: PIDX International Releases Industrial Data Exchange (IDX) Platform, Continuing Its Strategic Initiatives
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