Wednesday, July 24, 2024

SEFA Announces New Coal Ash Processing Milestone

Over Five Million Tons of Harvested Coal Ash Processed

Winyah STAR Plant, Georgetown, SC

STAR Technology thermal beneficiation facility

The SEFA Group, LLC announces a new milestone in processing over five million tons of harvested coal ash for beneficial, encapsulated use since 2015. Coal ash is excavated from legacy ash ponds, beneficiated and converted into high-quality, specification-grade fly ash for recycling into concrete highway and construction projects.

“We have gained a tremendous amount of beneficiation experience since 2002 and continue to develop and refine the techniques and strategies employed to increase recycling and reduce our environmental footprint. Thermal beneficiation improves the quality of harvested coal ash to provide the highest quality products for our concrete customers, which increases recycled use,” said Bill Fedorka, VP of CCP Services. “Five million tons of coal ash have been removed from ponds and then processed and recycled to improve the strength and durability of concrete highways, buildings, bridges, airport runways, and even driveways and sidewalks.”

SEFA has the longest track record in the U.S. for thermal beneficiation and was the first company processing harvested ash on a commercial scale. Where harvested ash does not require thermal beneficiation processing to produce specification-grade material for concrete applications, SEFA offers customized solutions to recycle coal ash.

“We are committed to customers’ success and environmental stewardship by maximizing the beneficial use of coal ash in environmentally sustainable ways,” said Jim Clayton, COO. “This milestone is a tribute to a large group of employees in our CCP Services and Transportation teams.”

The SEFA Group, LLC

The SEFA Group, LLC has been making a positive difference in the environment for 47 years, marketing and selling Coal Combustion Products (CCP) from a variety of locations in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions for recycled, beneficial use in concrete and other industrial applications. Today, SEFA has over 500 employees, operates its own fleet of over 250 trucks and provides engineering and industrial services for beneficiation facilities, utility partners and industrial companies in the Southeast. SEFA was acquired by Heidelberg Materials on May 2, 2023, and is now part of one of the world’s largest integrated manufacturers of building materials and solutions with leading market positions in cement, aggregates, and ready-mixed concrete.

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Contact Information:
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Director of Marketing & Communications
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Original Source: SEFA Announces New Coal Ash Processing Milestone
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