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USAIA Launches to Remedy American Workforce Deficiencies and Aid Legal Immigration Efforts

In a methodical move to revitalize America’s workforce and empower legal immigrants, U.S.A. Immigration Assistance (USAIA) announces its official launch. USAIA, a nonpartisan L3C organization, relies on donations and strategic partnerships to provide financial aid to eligible, indigent immigrants amid the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) process. Through these contributions, USAIA ensures that these individuals have access to adequate legal representation and language support services they desperately need but are often unable to afford. In supporting these individuals, they can settle legally and permanently in the U.S. and join the labor market, which has gravely declined in recent years.

American author Mark Twain once famously said, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” 

"Today, our workforce is depleted, inflation rates are rising, our borders are wide open, our immigration process is flawed, and our nation is divided, as internal strife continually hinders governmental operations. We, the people, must unite to overcome these adversities and support our country to ensure a prosperous future for America," says Mr. Alain J. Roy, Founder of USAIA and a U.S. immigrant himself.

"Of the many obstacles that lie ahead," Roy goes on, "immigration continues to be one of the most divisive, but USAIA believes in honoring the laws of our land and our history. Our country was built on the backs of hopeful, hardworking immigrants. They contributed greatly to all industries and notably built our bridges, railways, and roads, but it’s their stories, characters and ambitions that have constructed the narrative of our great nation. Today, the immigration conversation has skewed from these inspirational stories to tales of illegal border crossings, criminal smugglers, and inadequate resources within our cities while our labor force continues to diminish."

USAIA is on a mission to restore the American workforce to its former glory by giving law-abiding, ambitious immigrants their stories and their opportunities back. By providing financial support throughout the complex and costly USCIS process, we can allow these upstanding individuals to embark on their American dreams while investing in the future of our country.  

“We do not support open borders, illegal immigration, the migration of illegal or immoral people. The current U.S. immigration system is flawed in many ways, but following the law is critical in avoiding pure chaos and ensuring the safety of the American people. By covering a portion of the costs associated with the USCIS process, we can give well-meaning immigrants a chance to thrive. In turn, they become integral parts of our communities and fill labor deficits created by the retirement of the baby boomer generation, the Covid-19 pandemic, and other factors,” reports Roy.

Because many immigrants face challenging economic climates and limited employment opportunities in their native countries, this initial support is life-changing for them and for our economy moving forward. In addition to individual donors, USAIA is actively seeking corporate sponsors and legal network partners to aid in transforming barriers into pathways to rebuild America’s workforce. Those who wish to learn more about USAIA, inquire about a partnership or donate to the cause can do so at or by reaching out directly to USAIA's Outreach and Fundraising Director, Mr. Patrick J. Kosch, at [email protected]

About U.S.A. Immigration Assistance (USAIA) 

U.S.A. Immigration Assistance (USAIA) is a nonpartisan, low-profit limited liability company (L3C) dedicated to rebuilding America’s workforce by providing financial aid to well-meaning, indigent immigrants throughout the USCIS immigration process. USAIA was formed by Mr. Alain J. Roy, a U.S. immigrant and CEO of ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc.  

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Original Source: USAIA Launches to Remedy American Workforce Deficiencies and Aid Legal Immigration Efforts
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