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Aerial Vantage Launches Accelerate, a Powerful Geospatial Intelligence Platform

Extract Insights from Aerial Image & Video Data with a Robust, User-Friendly Software Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

WASHINGTON - November 16, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Aerial Vantage announces the release of its flagship product, Accelerate. This advanced geospatial intelligence platform enhances stakeholders' ability to make use of aerial imagery by collecting, processing, managing, and transforming data from airborne sensors (e.g., aircraft, drone, satellite). 

Accelerate focuses on the processing, storage, and transformation of aerial imagery from drones. Users in the Accelerate platform can define areas of interest, create projects, and upload imagery. Users can then transform the imagery into powerful Orthomosaics, Digital Surface Maps, and Point Clouds to support robust analysis and information extraction. The data in Accelerate is stored securely via Amazon AWS cloud computing services and is compatible with other cloud vendors based on customer needs. Accelerate is designed for all stakeholders and needs, from individuals affordably archiving and visualizing their data and running their businesses to enterprises collecting imagery at scale. 

The first release of Accelerate is a stepping stone to addressing the growing data management challenges in the drone industry. Future releases will focus on adding and blending input data (e.g., satellite data, weather data) and embedding complex analytics algorithms to interpret and turn the data into valuable information with a wide range of applications.

"We are extremely pleased to have come this far in such a short time in the development of the Accelerate Platform," said Jarrod Lichty, VP of Product. "The challenge of data management and transformation in the drone space will continue to grow as drones proliferate. This first release of Accelerate is foundational for solving present and future challenges. Watch this space closely!" 

Accelerate comes with an ever-growing list of drone data analytics capabilities to turn imagery into information. Aerial Vantage is committed to staying at the forefront of the latest drone data analytics trends and innovations for customers. The drone company's expertise in using artificial intelligence and machine learning enables the transformation of captured data into value for organizations, such as implementing a computer vision algorithm that consistently provides insights. 

Ready to transform your aerial data usage? Accelerate is now live. Be among the first to accelerate data to valuable information and get ahead of the competition.


About Aerial Vantage

Aerial Vantage is a drone, software, and analytics company with a multi-faceted vision to lead the industry toward safe, efficient, and economically viable VLOS and BVLOS operations using advanced expertise in AI, ML and computer vision. Their mission is to automate and improve the business value from drone missions across a range of industries, enabling customers to better utilize aerial data to meet their goals.

Contact Information:
Tom Davis
Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

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Original Source: Aerial Vantage Launches Accelerate, a Powerful Geospatial Intelligence Platform
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Solidus Ai Tech Announces New Partnership With Metaverse Giants Galaxy Arena

Galaxy Arena and its partners will benefit from using Solidus Ai Tech's immense computing power.

NEW YORK - December 5, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Solidus Ai Tech recently announced a new strategic partnership with Galaxy Arena, currently the only VR Earn game aggregator metaverse hub. Galaxy Arena is making some noise in the Play2Earn and Meta space by bridging the gap between virtual and reality by 'bringing events, attractions and businesses into the metaverse.' Galaxy Arena and its partners will benefit from using Solidus Ai Tech's immense computing power. At the same time, Solidus Ai Tech will have a robust gateway for the players of its play to earn game from the metaverse.

Galaxy Arena boasts three impressive, distinct sectors: the 'Entertainment Venue' 30,000 square meters of explorable digital space divided into six action-packed floors. 'Galaxy Gym' is world's first-state art meta facility interactive VR health, fitness movement mini-games, fully immersive fitness studio connecting celebrities, world-renowned athletes, and trainers to users offering courses and classes in VR. 'Galaxy Tower' arena and gym tower with a collection of 20,000 NFT units divided into luxury space, offices, and digital real estate. Participants 'play, move, learn, dance, sing and participate to earn all under one roof', Galaxy Arena exclusive 'X to earn' hub. Speaking about the new partnership, Solidus Ai Tech founder Paul Farhi said: Web 3.0 companies operating in gaming or metaverse, and Galaxy Arena ticks a number of boxes for us. Galaxy Arena is a professional company having impressive products with more than 150 partners to provide gateways to games and metaverses, and users can play our own play to earn game.

Speaking to the still untapped potential of the metaverse, Farhi said: Fundamentally, I see metaverse as a powerful force tool which connects us as human beings through stories and experiences, but also connects us with our planet. Metaverse technologies are taking us towards an overwhelmingly powerful and positive impact in the world, providing what's good for world and people in the heart of its design.' Solidus Ai Tech has enjoyed an extraordinary string of accolades and successes, including lucrative partnerships with industry leaders. 

Since its inception, Solidus Ai Tech has enjoyed an extraordinary string of accolades and successes, including lucrative partnerships with industry leaders. Recent successes include winning Top Initial Coin Offering at the 2022 World Blockchain Summit in Singapore for its AITECH token world's first deflationary AI utility token, and a number of lucrative, high-profile partnerships, such as the recent announcement of a partnership with the Blockchain industry leader Herbert Sim aka BitcoinMan who is one of the less than 100 verified 'blue tick' public figures across all major social media platforms in Blockchain industry, in world. Solidus Ai Tech has also accepted to list on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, including BitMart, MEXC Global, LBank, XT.com, and Coinstore.


Founded in December 2017, Solidus Technologies started as a cryptocurrency mining firm with particular focus on mining Ethereum (ETH) via GPU-based mining rigs. In the wake of the 2020 financial crash and a significant boost in demand for AI services, company shifted its core focus to AI and incorporated Solidus AI Tech to become the AI arm of the business. Solidus' AI and HPC infrastructure will enable Government Authorities, Corporations, SME's, Professionals, Play2Earn, and Metaverse projects to license AI services and rent HPC power. Solidus AI Tech is launching its eco-friendly AITECH token to operate seamlessly with their AI infrastructure. AITECH can be bought, staked, or held.

Contact Information:
Paul Farhi
[email protected]

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Original Source: Solidus Ai Tech Announces New Partnership With Metaverse Giants Galaxy Arena
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