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Agorus Names Will McColl Head of Automation

Tesla alum leads Agorus team implementing systems to manufacture company's products at scale

SAN DIEGO - January 10, 2023 - (

Agorus®, a cutting-edge construction technology company, announced today that Will McColl recently joined the company as its Head of Automation.

The Tesla alum will lead a team implementing proprietary systems to manufacture the company's precision products at scale.

"One of the keys to success will come from the innovative spirit of our local communities," said Garrett Moore, co-founder and CEO of Agorus. "Will's extensive domain expertise in robotics will help us create the industry's first "micro-factory," to instill a deeper focus on precision, craft, and community with the home builders we serve. We're excited to have him on board!"

McColl holds a BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, where he first learned how multi-disciplinary fields work together. Following graduation, McColl joined Tesla Motors. In his seven years at the company, he worked with colleagues to transition its manufacturing from tabletops into the world's most advanced electric vehicle factories. McColl traveled the world and built an automation team dedicated to solving complex manufacturing challenges with automation.

"At Stanford, I learned to speak the different design languages of software, mechanical, and electrical engineering," said McColl. "One must be able to move through these different worlds to make something special. This approach is how true innovation happens, and I'm excited to bring that to Agorus!"

About Agorus

Agorus seeks to close the 5.5 million U.S. housing shortfall gap by accelerating the world's transition to off-site construction. The company leverages its technologies and automated factories to empower builders to build better, faster, cheaper, and greener. Visit for more information.

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Dave Oates
Public Relations Manager
[email protected]
(858) 750-5560

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Original Source: Agorus Names Will McColl Head of Automation
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The world’s only anonymous singer-songwriter, Peter Lake, emerges out of the woods with his EP ‘GREEN’ dedicated to the epic love affair between Blue...

Says Peter Lake: "I will be known as the greatest songwriter of all time. Get on board early! If you're going to climb a mountain, why not Everest?"

The self-proclaimed "Ghost of New York" strikes again with three hit songs that make up his first release of 2023. Peter Lake, the world's only anonymous singer-songwriter, emerged on the scene in the last 24 months with a series of songs that have garnered over 23 million streams on Spotify and 19 million streams on YouTube. Once again, Lake has used his music to create powerful messages to help listeners all around the world find comfort and seek optimism. In his lead single "Sweet Sour Minds" Lake tapped into to his growing fan base and promised to write the song about whatever they decide. The process, which Lake documented on his YouTube channel, led to his writing of "Sweet Sour Minds." Lake reveals the idea that 'We can give anything power by loving it, and if that thing turns on us, it can destroy our spirit. But in the end, after it all settles down, we remain optimistic, somehow it's fine."

The song Crowds is an ode to Lake's favorite collaborator, Charley Drayton, whose unequaled drum beats make the song at once a vehicle for Lake's sometimes mysterious lyrics, as well as a fast-paced anthem that protests against the unfair use of power. Lake comments that "Charley's drums sound different. There is a magic there. I'm so glad he's finished touring with Bob Dylan. I need Charley back."

Perhaps the most unusual element of Lake's latest EP is the song "Comfort's Cross" which seems to contradict Lake's genre of electro pop. In this recent release, Comforts Cross reminds the listener of Lake's premise that music no longer has any genres. The song, a classic ballad that Lake originally wrote as a poem in response to the loss of a loved one and the grieving thereafter, is a naked and visceral emotional response that is led by his voice, and is supported by minimal background music.

Green is now available globally wherever music is streamed. To learn more about the music of Peter Lake, please visit his social media. @peterlakemusic

All inquiries can be directed to [email protected].

Artist Biography:

Peter Lake is a Canadian born, New York City based singer-songwriter who revels in anonymity. In an age where privacy is rare, Peter is convinced that his ability to create music is protected by his anonymity, and by working with unconventional partners in an attempt to avoid the constraints of traditional record deals, which often consider recorded music as a means to promote tours. Peter is the first of a kind: an artist who will only do live concerts via a web-based platform, thereby freeing him to focus exclusively on writing and recording new, original music that crosses all genres. In the process, Peter has assembled one of the largest singer-songwriter catalogues in the industry. His musical influences include Neil Young, Max Martin, David Bowie, Motown, and Drake. It's no surprise that his songs are hard to place, often flying between (and combining) House beats, crunchy guitar riffs and "traditional chants and natural sounds." Lake considers his work as that of starting an avalanche: you don't know which snowflake starts the avalanche, "my job is to make it snow." Through his consistent work over the next decade Lake plans to gradually displace Max Martin as the greatest songwriter who has ever lived.

Contact Information:
Brigid Bevilaque
[email protected]
+1 (908) 472-5429

Original Source: The world's only anonymous singer-songwriter, Peter Lake, emerges out of the woods with his EP 'GREEN' dedicated to the epic love affair between Blue and Yellow
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