Tuesday, July 23, 2024

BrainGu Announces SmoothGlue Run Basic in AWS Marketplace, Accelerating DevSecOps for Mission-Critical Systems

BrainGu is excited to launch SmoothGlue Run Basic on the AWS Marketplace as an easily deployable Amazon Machine Image (AMI), significantly enhancing the accessibility and rapid deployment of this advanced dual-use software. This strategic launch ensures that mission-focused organizations can more quickly benefit from the swift acquisition and utilization of this powerful platform.

SmoothGlue Run Basic: Simplifying DevSecOps

One of the biggest challenges for cloud-native developers is getting applications to production and in the hands of end users. Smoothglue Run Basic addresses this by offering a streamlined path to deployment, minimizing time and effort spent on resolving security and compliance issues. Building on the foundation of SmoothGlue Run, introduced in March, SmoothGlue Run Basic offers an accessible entry point for organizations and individuals to adopt robust DevSecOps practices without the complexity. 

SmoothGlue Run Basic provides organizations a slimmed-down version of the SmoothGlue Run platform which is designed to streamline the DevSecOps process with a focus on resilience, scalability, and security. It equips developers with tools to deploy, operate, and monitor applications seamlessly, using industry-leading technologies like Kubernetes and Crossplane for a compliant and effective software delivery environment, meeting high-security mission requirements.

John “Spence” Spencer-Taylor, CEO of BrainGu, commented:

“The launch of SmoothGlue Run Basic in the AWS Marketplace is a game-changer. We're giving operators and mission owners the power to deploy secure, high-quality software rapidly, without the headaches. It's all about simplifying DevSecOps and accelerating innovation. This is our commitment to transforming how software gets delivered."

Targeted at Technology Leaders

SmoothGlue Run Basic is designed for CTOs, CIOs, application development leads, and entrepreneurs; ensuring compliance with rigorous standards and catering to organizations with high security and operational efficiency needs. It integrates with existing development tools, offering a robust solution for modern software development challenges.

Explore the SmoothGlue Run Basic AMI in the AWS Marketplace at smoothglue.io/aws. For more information about SmoothGlue Run Basic and the complete suite of products, visit braingu.com

About BrainGu

BrainGu’s platforms deliver automated solutions that foster an environment where developers can excel, enabling high-quality software delivery with efficiency, confidence, and peace of mind. Specializing in advanced DevSecOps platforms and mission-critical applications, BrainGu’s developer-centric and mission-driven approach tackles real-world challenges with practical, scalable technology.

Jenny Martin
Director, Marketing & Communications
[email protected]

Contact Information:
Jenny Martin
Director, Marketing & Communications
[email protected]

Original Source: BrainGu Announces SmoothGlue Run Basic in AWS Marketplace, Accelerating DevSecOps for Mission-Critical Systems BrainGu Announces SmoothGlue Run Basic in AWS Marketplace, Accelerating DevSecOps for Mission-Critical Systems
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