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HTC VIVE Partners With Imversed for an Innovative Mixed Reality Experience

SINGAPORE - October 24, 2022 - (

HTC, one of the leading tech companies in the world, is proud to announce its partnership with Imversed in bringing mixed reality to life. HTC has its own virtual reality headset with VIVE, and Imversed presents an opportunity to combine HTC's existing technology with alternate reality adaptation.

Virtual reality, the simulated experience that employs pose tracking and 3D near-eye displays, has taken the world by storm over the last decade. While many imagined that virtual reality alone would pioneer the future, companies like HTC believe that mixed reality—a combination of virtual and alternate reality—will be what truly aids us in our daily lives.

HTC's VIVERSE is an existing metaverse ecosystem that connects people from all walks of life to an open and accessible virtual world. They aim to empower all users to explore, work, and play in a safe environment. Art galleries, meeting collaborations, and video games are already just a few of the options and solutions HTC provides through VIVE. Their partnership with Imversed brings them closer to integrating current virtual reality technology into mixed reality.

While virtual reality requires a headset or helmet that completely covers the user's field of vision, alternate reality uses applications through more common devices like smartphones. "We believe AR will be a mind-blowing future, but nobody's tackling that right now," says Ed Ow, Chairman of Imversed.

Imversed prides itself on creating the first mixed-reality landscape that invites all users to collaborate and transact in innovative ways. Mixed reality seamlessly blends virtual reality with alternate reality in everyday life. "We want to build something like Ready Player One," Ow explains. "You can upload any avatar, combined with AR and VR, to bring them to real-life utility." 

Instead of a single, centralized organization operating within the metaverse, Imversed brings together a multitude of entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses to interact and trade. With its own virtual economy, individuals can break into new virtual professions that bring genuine value, allowing users to earn money with just a headset.

Imagine strolling through a subway station filled with virtual properties—for example, an Apple store. Through an app or a simple pair of AR glasses, you can go inside, virtually pick up and try out phones and devices, and purchase products with a click of a button, all while you are on your way to work. Later, the same day, your purchase is shipped to your house by a drone. This allows for an ever-changing landscape and endless possibilities for leading companies and fresh entrepreneurs alike to get their products into the hands of consumers with lower upfront costs.

Imversed's first demo is expected to go live at the end of October. In December, Ow expects to launch lands, commit to their first sales, and show a fully-functional app demo. "I believe that Imversed has the makings of something very explosive."

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Original Source: HTC VIVE Partners With Imversed for an Innovative Mixed Reality Experience
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Original Source: Author Carol Soucie's New Book 'The Music Played On' is a Moving Tale of a Group of Young People Who Must Find Their Way in Life and Adapt to the Changing Societal Norms
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