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INIU Launches the 65W Fast-Charging Power Bank 25000mAh for Laptops: INIU B63 the Ultimate

NEW YORK - September 1, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

INIU, the industry-leading charging innovator of intelligent devices, launches its adventure-tier 65W fast-charging power bank with an enormous capacity of 25,000mAh-INIU B63(INIU the Ultimate). It is a perfect power bank for charging all sizes of smart devices, from laptops to earphones, while charging 3 devices simultaneously.

"This changes everything ultimately," says Sam Zheng, CEO of INIU. "We always encounter a situation where we should charge immediately but find the portable charger dead or not fast enough, especially for business trips that need to charge phones and laptops altogether. That's when we decided to develop a portable charger that has a big capacity and can charge fast enough. Luckily B63 did this ultimate thing."

65W PD power bank fast charging for laptops
INIU 65W portable charger can charge MacBook Pro 13 to total capacity within 1.5h, while other 30W chargers on the market would take 3.2h (chargers below 30W cannot charge laptops).

25000mAh battery pack airline approved
Enjoy a full week's charging capacity with the airline-approved 25000mAh power bank. INIU B63 is big enough to charge an iPhone 8 for 8.9 times, an iPad mini 4 for 3.2 times, a MacBook Pro 13 1.3 times, a Samsung S10 5.2 times, etc. Complete convenience is offered to users, especially during business trips.

Charge 3 devices simultaneously
With built-in 2 USB-C outputs + 1 USB output, INIU the Ultimate allows you to fast charge 2 USB-C devices together, while 99% of powerbanks with a USB-C input only or simply one USB-C output are failed to do so. The exclusive Dual USB-C-Output Design is extremely user-friendly, especially when you need to charge a new iPhone and a new iPad simultaneously, or a USB-C notebook and any USB-C device you buy at once. INIU B63 is able to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously via 3A output to reduce the time for queuing.

Handy built-in phone holder
To bring more convenience, a phone holder is built into B63, making it easier for game-playing and episode-viewing without affecting the user experience.

Wider compatibility with all types of devices
 INIU B63 is compatible with all devices like MacBook, iPhone 13 12 X, Samsung S21, Google iPad tablet, etc. In addition, with SmartCharging technology, it can smoothly work with small devices like Airpods, Apple Watch, etc.

Price & Availability
INIU B63 has a suggested retail price of $62.99 at Amazon and iniushop.com

About INIU
INIU® is the global leader in fast charging and committed to bringing customers the safest and most convenient charging experience. This includes wireless chargers, portable chargers, car chargers and wall chargers, as well as cables and hubs. For more information, please visit iniushop.com.

Contact Information: [email protected]

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