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Jlink Launches Newest Range of Computer and Gaming Monitors on Amazon

Each monitor comes in multiple sizes, offers true HDR viewing experience, anti-glare and blue light eye protection plus a whole host of other useful features for office workers, gamers and online creators.

Jlink Launches Newest Range of Computer and Gaming Monitors on Amazon
computer monitor

computer monitor

NEW YORK - November 25, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Today, Jlink has officially launched its newest range of computer and gaming monitors. All monitors come with low blue light and anti-glare technology that reduces damage to eyes and in a variety of sizes to choose from. Jlink monitors offer more protection and choice to suit each customer's needs. 

Currently, Jlink offers two types of monitors, computer monitors and gaming monitors.

Jlink Computer Monitors offer:

· True HDR Viewing Experience - Each monitor delivers 1920x1080P full HD image, with a 99% sRGB color gamut, 16.7M dispersion range, and 3000:1 to 4000:1 high contrast ratio, enhancing the screen with brighter and more colorful visuals. 
· Eye Protection - Anti-glare and low blue light technology protects users from potential eye damage that can occur from extended screen time. 
· Ergonomic design - Coming with a tilt/height/pivot/swivel adjustable and VESA replaceable stand, the Jlink newest computer monitor allows you to find a sweet spot that bridges clarity and comfort when working or gaming.
· 3 Monitor Sizes - The 24-inch screen for general productivity tasks without overcrowding your screen. The 32-inch monitor is helpful for photo/video editing and gives optimal space for dividing up the screen area. The Jlink 34-inch computer monitor is also designed for multi-taskers; PIP/PBP display modes support dual connect and view for complex multitasking.

Jlink Gaming Monitors come with similar features:

· Adaptive Synchronization Technology - Compatible with both G-sync and Freesync, say goodbye to screen tearing and stuttering while gaming.
· Rapid Response - Each monitor comes with a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response ensuring every image is rendered sharply and in quick succession with no smear or delay.
· RGB Light Bar - With a built-in RGB light bar that creates an immersive experience and inspires a sense of an E-Sport atmosphere. 
· 3 Monitor Types - Jlink gaming monitors come in three sizes: 24-inch,  27-inch (1080p), 27-inch (1440p). Each monitor offers crystal clear viewing, customizable adjustment and flexible connectivity with multiple ports.

"Did you know that the average person spends almost seven hours per day in front of a screen?" says Alexis, Director of Jlink R&D Center. "It's no exaggeration to say that our lives are inevitably linked to the world of more and more screens. So, we stopped and thought to ourselves, 'How can we make products that improve people's lives, health and long-term well-being while staring at screens all day?'"

With that question in mind, Jlink began its journey and was founded with the intention to make computer and gaming screens and products that improve users' daily lives and health without compromising on product quality, innovation and affecting their health. 

Jlink computer and gaming monitors are now available for Black Friday sale on Amazon. Please follow this link:

Contact Information:
Jerry Lei
Marketing Manager
[email protected]
+86 13824361427

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3.6 Cent Walmart Compliant RAIN RFID Tag Announced From SimplyRFiD

The latest generation of RAIN RFID tags from SimplyRFiD are less than 4 cents and work with the popular Wave RFID system. Low-cost RFID has replaced barcodes for leading companies. "Before RFID we didn't even try to enable a BOPIS (buy online, pickup in store) solution," said a top clothing retailer.

3.6 Cent Walmart Compliant RAIN RFID Tag Announced From SimplyRFiD
SimplyRFiD 4 cent RAIN RFID price tag

RFID is replacing barcodes in retail for inventory. Low-cost RFID Tags making weekly inventory simple. This tag is a sample of an integrated price tag and RFID in a single tag.

DALLAS - December 1, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

More than 60 million products are tagged with RAIN RFID chips, every day. RFID tags perform a similar function as the barcode popularized in the 1970's, but RFID can be read through through a cardboard box or in a stack of jeans - and at a speed of 1,000 items (tags) per second.

"E-Commerce retail using a handheld RFID scanner is the killer-app RFID has been looking for," says Carl Brown, President of SimplyRFiD. "Retailers spent years working on finicky magic mirrors and pricey fixed-reader fiascos. The reality is a single RFID handheld reader running the SimplyRFiD Wave App can manage a store of 10,000 items in a few minutes," said Brown.

Standards for RFID inventory control

The major retailers publish public supplier guides on proper tagging and interoperation with inventory control. Walmart, Target, and Macys place their guidelines online publicly. Here's a link to Walmart's Supply Chain Standards Guide August 2022.

SimplyRFiD's RFID tags are certified and pass supplier guidelines published by all major retailers.

Tag Specifications

Walmart, Target, Macy's compliant tag pricing (1 million or more tags):

  • 3.6 cents for standard sticker RFID tag
  • 4.0 cents for hangtag with integrated RFID

Chip: NXP uCode9

Supplied on 8" OD rolls

Lead times are currently reasonable, but that fluctuates daily.

About SimplyRFiD

SimplyRFiD's Wave Inventory Control System is a turn-key iOS app that connects to an RFID handheld. A well-equipped Wave hardware and software startup package costs $2,500 and an additional $995/year for support and service, per device. 

A single Wave handheld can inventory a retail store of 10,000 items in 20 minutes. 

Reach out to SimplyRFiD at [email protected] for a complimentary game plan analysis for transitioning from the 1970s to today.

Contact Information:
William Montalbo
Vice President, Marketing
[email protected]
+1 703.343.1689

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Original Source: 3.6 Cent Walmart Compliant RAIN RFID Tag Announced From SimplyRFiD
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