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New Announcement of Epomaker Shadow-X – a Revolution in Mechanical Keyboard

Epomaker proudly unveils its latest masterpiece, Shadow-X, a budget-friendly keyboard that cannot be overlooked by keyboard enthusiasts.

Discover innovation at its finest with the all-new Epomaker Shadow-X Mechanical Keyboard. 

Sleek Design FRL TKL 70% Layout for Optimal Space Utilization

Embodying an unprecedented 70% layout, Epomaker spares no effort in creating the cutting-edge mechanical keyboard in hopes of bringing better typing and visual experience to keyboard enthusiasts. Epomaker Shadow-X is designed with a sleek outlook to not only optimize the desk space but also to retain the full function of a keyboard. Despite its Function-row-less TKL keyboard, a simple shortcut effortlessly activates the function row when needed.

Intuitive LCD screen and Precision Metal Rotary Knob

Keeping up with the modern trend, Shadow-X features an intuitive LCD screen that presents essential things to users at a glance. Moreover, the screen is fully customizable using the Epomaker Driver, allowing users to personalize the screen with favorite pictures or GIFs, elevating the keyboard experience to new heights. Another standout feature is its metal rotary knob, ingeniously set as a connection mode switch. With a seamless rotation, this innovative keyboard effortlessly switches between various devices.

Immersive Typing with Gasket Mount structure and PC Plate

The gasket-mount structure has long been known as the most popular structure in mechanical keyboards for its bouncy typing feeling. Unlike traditional tray, top, or bottom mounts, the gasket-mount structure offers a more cushioned feeling. Combined with a PC plate, which is the best partner for gasket mount, the keyboard delivers a wonderful and unparalleled typing sensation with each keystroke. 

Ultimate Sound Profile with PORON Foam and IXPE Switch Sheet 

Sound profile perfection is a paramount consideration in mechanical keyboards. Epomaker meticulously addresses this in the Shadow-X by equipping it with PORON Foam and an IXPE switch sheet - the keyboard effectively absorbs the hollow sound and minimizes the key stress to ensure the switch's durability. 

Triple-mode Connection and Long-Lasting Battery

Epomaker Shadow-X is compatible with both Win and MacOS systems. With a few shortcuts, the keyboard can easily jump from different operating systems. Also, the keyboard enables both wired USB and wireless 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connection. In Bluetooth connection, the keyboard can connect to up to three devices simultaneously, which is an ideal solution for multi-device users. Supporting a robust 3000mAh battery, the Shadow-X excels in demanding work environments, providing extended battery life and eliminating frequent charging interruptions.

Price and Availability

Epomaker Shadow-X has been released on Epomaker's official website now, which is a budget keyboard with all the features mentioned above. It has various switch options including linear and tactile types to cater to the needs of different customers. Follow Epomaker's social media accounts on FacebookInstagram, X (Twitter), and Discord to stay updated on all the upcoming events and activities.

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Original Source: New Announcement of Epomaker Shadow-X - a Revolution in Mechanical Keyboard
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Athletic Footwear Industry Veterans Launch Made Plus

The forward-thinking, planet-positive brand creates footwear made with purpose in Annapolis, Maryland

Athletic Footwear Industry Veterans Launch Made Plus
Made Plus Debuts The SKIFF

The SKIFF is a tribute to Annapolis' rich boating history. Ethically engineered, forward-thinking fashion made with purpose.

Made Plus, a pioneering footwear brand founded by industry veterans Trey Hentz, Kevin Fisher, and Alan Guyan, officially sets sail today. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, at 190 Admiral Cochrane Dr. STE 170, Made Plus marks a new era of personalized “planet-positive” footwear proudly made in the United States. With Made Plus, every step matters, which is why the brand has reduced a complex manufacturing process from 300 steps to less than 50 – significantly eliminating negative outputs on the environment. 

Having collectively contributed their designs to industry-disrupting products for athletic footwear giants such as Under Armour, Nike, and Sketchers, the trio of Guyan, Fisher, and Hentz now embark on an extraordinary journey to redefine the traditionally tedious, outdated, and wasteful shoe manufacturing process. What started in a garage in Annapolis is now a micro-factory where the team passionately advocates for a sustainable future and a reimagined approach to crafting “made-to-order” footwear.

Local production and a relentless focus on an environmentally conscious lifestyle fall at the heart of Made Plus' identity, positioning the brand as a trailblazer in the footwear landscape. “Our core mission revolves around reducing our carbon footprint, minimizing waste, and championing ethically viable practices. Every step matters, from sourcing components to the production process to the elevated performance our customers experience,” said Alan Guyan, Founder and CEO of Made Plus. “We are also focused on maintaining a local-first approach, crafting products for locals by locals, fostering a strong sense of community and connection right here in Annapolis.” 

Unlike conventional shoe manufacturing, Made Plus employs a revolutionary made-to-order business model, significantly reducing waste while providing a design-thinking customization experience. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including 3D printing, knitting, and digital modeling, Made Plus offers personalized footwear tailored to each individual's needs – a shoe made just for you.

Guyan expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to have the freedom to focus on our mission while doing what we love best - designing and innovating in a way that raises the bar for the footwear industry while delivering customized, elevated experiences for our customers."

The debut offering from Made Plus is the "SKIFF" lifestyle shoe, a loving tribute to Annapolis' rich boating history, specifically inspired by the small boat that shares its name. Showcasing ethically engineered performance UPKNT technology, each pair is upcycled from six plastic water bottles, free of excess foams and linings, and incorporates Azo-free dyes and upcycled components such as laces, webbing, and support structures. “The 'SKIFF' encapsulates our dedication to crafting contemporary, high-quality footwear from recycled materials, embodying our vision of forward-thinking fashion made with purpose,” added Guyan. 

About Made Plus Inc. 

Made Plus is a visionary footwear brand founded by industry veterans who have honed their craft at major companies, including Under Armour, Nike, New Balance, and Sketchers. Steadfast in its vision to revolutionize the footwear industry, Made Plus is committed to purpose-led design thinking rooted in simplified shoe science. The brand is making a positive impact through ethical manufacturing and using high-quality, sustainable materials. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, every pair of Made Plus shoes is made-to-order and crafted with care in the U.S. To learn more, please visit

Contact Information:
Caitlin Wolf
PR Consultant
[email protected]

Original Source: Athletic Footwear Industry Veterans Launch Made Plus
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