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PureSquare’s PureVPN Among Free Cybersecurity Products Offered to Women Journalists on International Women’s Day and Beyond – #EmbraceEquity

PureSquare, the parent company of PureVPN, announced a new initiative in celebration of International Women's Day, aimed at empowering women in journalism through the provision of free cybersecurity products. This initiative is part of the company's commitment to promote equity by working towards a world where women have equal opportunities and access to resources as men, and where they are able to live free from discrimination and violence.

Women in journalism have an immense impact on shaping public discourse, but they also bear the brunt of the unique challenges and risks that the digital world poses. According to the UN, 73% of women journalists in 125 countries have experienced online violence in the course of their work. PureSquare recognizes the urgency of the situation and is taking a proactive approach towards this year's IWD theme: #EmbraceEquity.

"We believe that true equity requires more than just words or symbolic gestures. It requires tangible action. As a cybersecurity company, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to help create a more equitable online world," said Uzair Gadit, Co-Founder and CEO of PureSquare. "That's why we're proud to offer free cybersecurity tools to women journalists, empowering them to do their important work without fear of harassment."

The essential cybersecurity products include PureVPN, PureKeep, PureEncrypt, and PurePrivacy. PureVPN provides a secure connection between a journalist's device and the internet, preventing others from intercepting and accessing sensitive information. PureKeep helps women journalists create strong, unique passwords and keep them safe. PureEncrypt can help women journalists keep their data secure and private, preventing unauthorized access. Finally, PurePrivacy allows women journalists to take control of their social media accounts, managing who can see their posts, who can message them, and who can find them on the platform.

"We believe in the principle of equity and want to empower women by providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in the digital world," said Gadit.

This initiative builds upon PureSquare's previous campaign aimed at promoting mental wellness among content creators. The company recognizes the impact that online harassment can have on mental health, especially for women journalists who face a disproportionate amount of cyberbullying and abuse.

To apply for the free cybersecurity tools, journalists can fill out a form on the PureSquare website. The form requires their name, contact information, and a 100-word write-up about why they need these tools. PureSquare's team will review all applications and select recipients based on their eligibility.

For more information about the campaign, please visit:

About PureSquare

PureSquare has a 15-year history of success through its subsidiary brands, including the industry-leading PureVPN. Leveraging its expertise and resources, PureSquare has built upon this legacy of excellence to drive innovation across its entire portfolio, enabling each brand to thrive in its own right. Brands under PureSquare include PureVPN, PureKeep, PurePrivacy, PureEncrypt, PureDome and PureWL.

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Original Source: PureSquare's PureVPN Among Free Cybersecurity Products Offered to Women Journalists on International Women's Day and Beyond - #EmbraceEquity
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‘Transforming Inventory Accuracy’ Retail Roundtable Returns in April

Top retailers discuss the challenges and solutions in striving for 99%+ accurate inventory, enabling curbside pickup, and omni-channel retail. Each roundtable examines what's working in the industry, what didn't work, and what's being trialed. Hosted by GDS and led by Carl Brown, a 20-year veteran of inventory optimization, the top results are compared and analyzed.

‘Transforming Inventory Accuracy’ Retail Roundtable Returns in April
Carl Brown

Carl Brown, host of \"Achieving Inventory Accuracy\" a weekly roundtable on modern retail inventory management

Carl Brown, founder and President of SimplyRFiD, TikTok wonder, and inventory expert, hosts a live weekly roundtable "Transforming Inventory Accuracy." This roundtable brings six top retailers together to discuss how accurate inventory enables today's omnichannel supply chains -- and, how to get there from here.

What are the best practices for achieving 95%+ levels of inventory accuracy? "Store managers often think they have high accuracy -- but, how do they know?" says Carl Brown. "In this roundtable, we discuss how to move from the unknown to the known, in an open format of sharing best practices and outcomes."


  • How are you managing inventory today? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Barcodes?
  • What are your main concerns with your inventory systems?
  • What's your plan for omnichannel, BOPIS, and Curbside? Are you changing your systems to meet it? How so?
  • How do you transform your inventory operation? What are the steps you can do, today, to get there?

The next roundtable is April 5 at noon, Eastern. Roundtables are closed door. Press may apply to attend and audit, along with retailers at

Carl can be reached for comment on TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About SimplyRFID

SimplyRFID makes Wave for iOS, the #1 app for counting retail inventory with RFID. | Media Room

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William Montalbo
Vice President, Marketing
[email protected]
+1 703.343.1689

Syd Brown
Social Media Manager
[email protected]
+1 703.343.1689

Original Source: 'Transforming Inventory Accuracy' Retail Roundtable Returns in April
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