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Concord Partners With Progressive Drilling Solutions to Bring World-Class AWP Training to Saudi Arabia

WASHINGTON - August 3, 2022 - ( Concord Academy and P...

EOI Lighting USA Announces New Venture

The new series will serve as the new platform into tomorrow's prerequisites with exceptional performance, energy savings and budget minded pricing

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. - August 3, 2022 - (

EOI Lighting USA, a manufacturer and pioneer of LED-based and solid-state energy-saving products, has officially announced its new Wide Area Illumination Technology, EFL Series Flood Lights. As a sustainable LED Flood lighting solution, the EFL Series is designed with higher operating efficiency in a compact form.

EOI is offering the best "Wide Area Illumination Technology" Flood Lights for the Utility, Municipality and Co-op Industries. The EFL Series are designed and engineered to replace up to 400W HID floods utilizing the EOI FL1 Floods along with the EFLL Floods replacing up to 1000W HID fixtures in a variety of applications. The EFL Series are 60%-70% more efficient, designed in a compact form factor with industry leading efficacy up to 159 LPW.

The EFL Series leverages both breakthrough LED Wide Area Illumination Technology and precision engineered optics to save energy without negatively impacting the exceptional (robust) performance. EOI offers Numerous Lumen packages available, 2700K, 3000K & 4000K, 20kV/10kA surge protection available, 6x6 and 6x5 NEMA light distribution available, discrete LED for Glare Control, user friendly Light Weight Design and standard ANSI C136.41-7 Pin receptacles making the EFL Flood Series the only choice for your flood light requirements.

The EFL Series incorporates Low-E Copper die cast aluminum alloy casting with slim design, corrosion resistance polyester powder painted with minimum 2.0 mil. thickness, along with its compact form, built-in handles for ease of installation, tool-less entry and extremely light in weight and portability, making it today's choice as it takes the end user into tomorrow with its Wide Area Illumination Technology.

"As a manufacturer of highly engineered LED street and area lighting luminaires that supports the utility, municipality and co-op marketplace throughout North America, we set out to pioneer an industry leading new Flood Light Series that is efficient in terms of performance, energy usage and cost savings," said Michael J. Hodgdon, National Sales Manager at EOI Lighting USA.

"Our combination of technological features and highly engineered optics makes the EFL Series the right choice for your Wide Area Illumination needs."

To learn more about EOI Lighting USA and the technologically advanced EFL Series, please visit

About EOI Lighting USA

EOI Lighting continues to impact the lighting industry, being a major player in the LED Street & Area Lighting market working with Utilities, Municipalities, and Co-ops, from its ability to provide high end LED Chips to manufacturers globally, and providing Traffic Control signals to Municipalities throughout North America.

EOI continues to make huge investments assuring our position throughout the North American LED Street & Area conversion processes. We are committed to our Corporate Business plan, putting our customers first, and providing exceptional engineered, environmentally friendly, value priced and industry leading warrantied products.

Contact Information

Michael Hodgdon
[email protected]

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Original Source: EOI Lighting USA Announces New Venture EOI Lighting USA Announces New Venture

TCR Acquisition LLC Responds to Kaleyra, Inc.’s Recent SEC Filing Regarding Its Alien Ownership

Highlights U.S. Political Campaign Concerns

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - August 3, 2022 - (

TCR Acquisition LLC, a U.S.-owned and operated entity headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, today issued the following statement in response to Kaleyra, Inc.'s July 25, 2022 "Regulation FD" filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. In that filing, Kaleyra stated that it is "confident" that it is in compliance with the regulations and other laws administered by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).

According to Frederick Joyce, C.E.O. and General Counsel of TCR Acquisition (, "[t]here is only one way to safely determine if Kaleyra's ownership of The Campaign Registry complies with CFIUS and the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act, and that is to have this matter reviewed by appropriate federal authorities, not by Kaleyra's executives and its paid attorneys. If Kaleyra's board and senior officers are confident that they have complied with CFIUS and other alien ownership requirements in the U.S., then they should be willing to submit this matter to U.S. governmental review."

The Campaign Registry is the exclusive vendor used by all nationwide mobile telephone companies to verify who sends text messages and what is contained in text messages sent to mobile phones used by U.S. customers. This registry is responsible for screening billions of text messages sent to U.S. mobile phones every month. The senders of these text messages include public law enforcement and safety officials, state and federal election campaigns, not for profit organizations, and thousands of commercial entities.

Increasingly, political campaigns around the country at all levels — from school boards to the U.S. Senate and the Presidency — are relying on text messaging as a convenient means of connecting and communicating directly with voters and supporters. The Campaign Registry plays a crucial role in authenticating and protecting these increasingly important communication channels. Public confidence in the integrity of The Campaign Registry is essential for maintaining and bolstering confidence in the electoral process. It is therefore particularly concerning that foreign ownership and interests could put a thumb on the scale of information flow - or could distort or bias these communication channels in favor of unknown or foreign goals. With 2022 federal election campaigns already in progress, and to ensure the integrity of the 2024 Presidential campaigns, it is critical that The Campaign Registry be owned by a transparent, U.S.-owned and operated entity."

In 2018, Congress passed the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA) — a major expansion of CFIUS's authority and a standardization of CFIUS processes — enacted largely in response to the threat that Chinese investments sought to dominate U.S. industries such as semiconductors, artificial intelligence, robotics, and information technology, as well as to stem potential spying in widely used applications such as TikTok. Public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission reveal that The Campaign Registry is owned and controlled by Chinese, Italian and Indian individuals and corporate entities.   

"CFIUS review is just one area of concern here," said Frederick Joyce. "The more fundamental problem is that this critically important data registry, The Campaign Registry, with responsibility for screening and validating the entities and phone numbers that the mobile phone sector uses to send billions of messages every month, is owned and controlled by a foreign entity with funding from China and other foreign sources. This has the potential to seriously impact national security and personal data security. It is reasonable to assume that many if not most of the customers that use The Campaign Registry are not even aware of these Chinese ownership issues."

Two years ago, the government of Italy signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the People's Republic of China to participate in China's 'Belt and Road' program that seeks global dominance in every critical infrastructure sector. The fact that Kaleyra is headquartered in Milan, Italy, brings additional attention to this China connection. The high incidence of cyberattacks on Italian businesses provides another justification for ensuring that The Campaign Registry be independently owned by U.S. citizens and operated in accordance with the highest U.S. standards for cyber security and customer data privacy.

"TCR Acquisition" stands for 'Telecommunications Company Repatriation Acquisition.' According to Mr. Joyce: "That is our defining mission: to repatriate into the United States critical and essential telecommunications and Internet services that have been acquired, in whole or in part, by China and other foreign entities that intend to usurp U.S. technology for their own commercial and political benefit." Key members of the TCR Acquisition team have held the nation's highest security clearances and have served in senior positions in the federal government with respect to national security and public safety communications. "We couldn't be more serious about this mission, said Mr. Joyce. "Every member of the TCR Acquisition Team is firmly committed to 'bringing home' essential U.S. communications and Internet services starting with The Campaign Registry."


Frederick M. Joyce, C.E.O./General Counsel

TCR Acquisition LLC

(202) 505-3966

Email: [email protected]

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Original Source: TCR Acquisition LLC Responds to Kaleyra, Inc.'s Recent SEC Filing Regarding Its Alien Ownership

Judah VanSyckel Named 2022 Legal Elite by Columbia Business Monthly for Five Categories

Attorney Judah VanSyckel of Saluda Law, LLC has been named one of South Carolina's Legal Elite in the Healthcare, Corporate Investigations, Criminal - General, Criminal - DUI, and Criminal - White Collar Categories. This recognition is based on the nominations of his fellow lawyers in South Carolina.

Judah VanSyckel Named 2022 Legal Elite by Columbia Business Monthly for Five Categories
Attorney Judah VanSyckel

Judah VanSyckel - False Claims Act Lawyer, False Claims Act Attorney - Working at Desk

LEXINGTON, S.C. - August 2, 2022 - (

Saluda Law is proud to announce that Attorney Judah VanSyckel has been named by Columbia Business Monthly as one of the 2022 Legal Elite for the Healthcare, Corporate Investigations, Criminal - General, Criminal - DUI, and Criminal - White Collar categories. Mr. VanSyckel is thankful to have been recognized by Columbia Business Monthly and other Attorneys for his work in these areas. 

A former healthcare fraud prosecutor, Mr. VanSyckel's practice areas include criminal defense, whistleblower matters, and healthcare matters. Mr. VanSyckel's practice areas are primarily focused on litigation matters. Mr. VanSyckel's criminal defense practice includes State and Federal matters. Mr. VanSyckel's whistleblower practice includes False Claims Act/qui tam work, FIRREA/FIAFEA matters, and IRS whistleblower work. In addition to actively litigating cases, Mr. VanSyckel has also assisted businesses with matters involving Medicaid and Medicare payments and overpayments and resolving questions around these issues. Mr. VanSyckel would like to thank his clients for the trust that they have placed in him over the years with their legal needs. 

Mr. VanSyckel is admitted in the State Courts of South Carolina, the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. He is also a 2010 graduate of the Charleston School of Law and a 2006 graduate of the Honors College at the University of South Carolina. 

Saluda Law, LLC ( is located at 137 E. Butler Street, Lexington, SC 29072. The office can be contacted at 803-939-6927. A satellite office is located at 119-A North Main Street, McCormick, SC 29835. That office number is 864-465-4092. Mr. VanSyckel has reviewed and approved this release.

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Original Source: Judah VanSyckel Named 2022 Legal Elite by Columbia Business Monthly for Five Categories

Shelbyville-Bedford Partnership Announces a Vanity Plate to Support Tennessee Rivers

New River Life license plate supports conservation, education and safety. River Life Vanity Plate River Life vanity plate with river in backgroun...

Volunteers Launch Red Storm Campaign to Promote Civil Rights for Medical Choices

They want to advocate for those that have lost jobs over medical decisions. Red Storm The Red Storm for Freedom campaign ...

Elite Mining Inc. Can Now Capture Flare and Stranded Gas Due to New Partnership With AXP Energy Limited

This will allow EMI to expand operations remotely across the United States Inside the EMU CHEYENNE, Wyo., August 3...

New Report Examines Structural Racism’s Effect on Covid-19 Pandemic

BLK Uprising has released its report on structural racism in the U.S. under the Covid-19 pandemic. 

According to the report, multiple factors contributed to the high percentage of deaths in minority populations throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The report examines how minorities are exposed to more air and water pollution making people more susceptible to a virus like Covid-19. Also, minority populations having less adequate housing, lacking access to healthy food, and lacking or having no health insurance were also contributing factors to Covid-19 infections. The report provides a complete picture of how the effects of structural racism impact the health of minorities. 

With this new information at hand, BLK Uprising is calling on federal, state, and local governments, as well as NGOs and minority issue advocacy groups, to push for healthcare for all (Medicare for All / Single Payer Healthcare), reparations (direct payments and community investment), and affordable and safe housing. As explained in the report, repairing the structural issues in healthcare and housing are critical to improving the overall health and well-being of black, brown, and indigenous communities. 

The full report can be read here:

  • BLK Uprising is a grassroots project examining structural racism and advocating for the liberation of all oppressed people. BLK Uprising aims to provide resources to educate the public and ultimately move us towards an equitable society. Learn more about BLK Uprising at 
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Original Source: New Report Examines Structural Racism's Effect on Covid-19 Pandemic

Pan-American Prosperity Institute June 11 Webinar: ‘QUO Vadis Brazil?’ to Discuss Liberty, Current Politics in Brazil With the Honorable Prince and Congressman Luiz Philippe...

NEW YORK - June 10, 2020 - (

​​​​​​​The Pan-American Prosperity Institute, a non-profit organization that seeks to foster a closer relationship among countries in the American continent and to increase the exchange of ideas, values, businesses and people that promote prosperity in the region, has been closely monitoring the political developments in Brazil, given recent signs of political instability. This development has been under gestation as soon as Jair Bolsonaro was elected president. 

The Bolsonaro administration seems to be facing a concerted attack from the political establishment that appears to favor left-leaning visions for Brazil. This vision posits strengthened regulations, income distribution and attacks against freedom of speech. Given the predominance of this vision in most institutions, an environment of stalemate and of overreach has consolidated. And, contrary to the popular belief, most of the overreach has not been caused by the executive power, but by the legislative and judicial powers.

Brazil also lacks independent media. Foreign and local interests predominate in media. These interests favor statism, rent extraction and limitations to free speech. Governments usually controlled the media through generous procurement of advertising revenues. The Bolsonaro administration did away with the practice. As a result, most media have turned against its policies. This has provoked a stampede away from traditional media and into digital platforms, as Brazilians seek to be better informed. 

As alternative media flourished in the same time that some traditional media outlets started to lose credibility, by 2014, libertarian and conservative thinkers and activists began to populate and then lead cyber space, developing strong followings. These activists, however, are now being harassed on account of their opinions about the Supreme Court’s lack of impartiality. 

As a direct result from the traditional lack of media independence, Brazilians came to cherish social media channels run by political activists since 2014. Most of them had either a conservative or liberal perspective and some became politicians in the 2018 elections. Under the pretense of investigating "fake news," the Supreme Court is now impinging upon the freedom of expression in Brazil. Liberal and conservative activists are being summoned by the federal police to subject themselves to an interrogation that violates Miranda rights and other democratic procedures.

In light of these developments, the Pan-American Prosperity Institute would like to invite everyone who is interested to watch the “QUO VADIS BRAZIL?”​ online panel discussion, where the honorable Luiz Philippe Braganca, congressman and member of the Brazilian Imperial Family, will discuss all the topics mentioned above. The webinar will be broadcast online via YouTube on Thursday, June 11, at 6 p.m. ET at the following address: ​

Andre Nunes
[email protected]

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Original Source: Pan-American Prosperity Institute June 11 Webinar: 'QUO Vadis Brazil?' to Discuss Liberty, Current Politics in Brazil With the Honorable Prince and Congressman Luiz Philippe Braganca Pan-American Prosperity Institute June 11 Webinar: ‘QUO Vadis Brazil?’ to Discuss Liberty, Current Politics in Brazil With the Honorable Prince and Congressman Luiz Philippe Braganca

Balance of Power Announces the Launch of КOMЯADE TЯUMPOV, the Blimp

Massive Trump Blimp Donning Russian Military Garb Serves as a Reminder to Vote LOS ANGELES - December 1...

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