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PureVPN Announces Up to 88% Off for Black Friday, Cyber Monday Event

British Islands-based Virtual Private Network is offering incredible deals on 5 and 2-year plans along with a free password manager PureVPN Logo ...

Jlink Launches Newest Range of Computer and Gaming Monitors on Amazon

Each monitor comes in multiple sizes, offers true HDR viewing experience, anti-glare and blue light eye protection plus a whole host of other useful features for office workers, gamers and online creators. ...

Cognitus Expands Its Global Delivery Capabilities to Colombia

Cognitus New Office Cognitus opens a new office in Colombia MIAMI - November 25, 2022 - ( ...

Black Friday is Around the Corner: Epomaker Hits the Exciting November Hot-Sale Wave for Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts

Epomaker kicks off its fourth stage of November Hot-Sale Month Events for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to give back to the community with up to 50% discount deals on bestselling keyboards and peripherals as well as ad...

Best Black Friday Mattress Sales 2022 Announced by Best Mattress Brand

Best Mattress Brand is a top publisher on all things surrounding mattresses and sleep. This year, they've curated their list of the top mattress deals and best mattress sales for Black Friday.

SHERIDAN, Wyo. - November 25, 2022 - (

With hundreds of mattress retailers to choose from, shopping for a new bed during the 2022 Black Friday mattress sale can feel overwhelming. To help shoppers sift through all the coupons, discounts, promotions, and specials, popular mattress review website Best Mattress Brand has developed their list of the best Black Friday mattress sales of 2022. Discounts are available on adjustable beds, bed bases, mattresses, pillows, and more. And only the best products are highlighted, so shoppers aren't inundated with choice.

Now through Black Friday, Nov. 25, here are some of the Best Black Friday Mattress Sales 2022:

Best Mattress Brand has reviewed many of the top-rated mattresses to help determine the best brands and models to feature, using a variety of evaluation criteria. Their editorial team also helps to source some of the best deals and promotions directly from leading manufacturers. Shoppers can even rest assured they are getting the right mattress for their home, too. That's because all the featured brands offer customer-friendly perks such as free shipping, free mattress returns, 100-night trials, and 10-20 year warranties. 

Best Mattress Brand works with sleep researchers, medical experts, and other specialists to deliver in-depth content and reviews so shoppers can find their perfect sleep solution at just the right price this Black Friday.

About Best Mattress Brand

Best Mattress Brand is a popular website covering mattress reviews, bedding guides, and sleep research. With everything shoppers need to know about the products delivering better sleep, the editors also work to find shoppers exclusive sales and deals so they can save as they upgrade their bedroom. 

Best Mattress Brand
30 N Gould St., Ste. N
Sheridan, WY 82801
Amy Murphy
[email protected] 

Contact Information:
Amy Murphy
[email protected]

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A Series of Awards Positions TSplus as a Leader in Remote Access Technology

Awards keep raining down on TSplus, the software developer for Remote Access solutions. The last quarter of 2022 has been marked by press articles, rewards and others forms of acknowledgements of the excellence of TSplus products, affirming its potential as a leader in the market.

A Series of Awards Positions TSplus as a Leader in Remote Access Technology
TSplus Recognized Leader in Remote Desktop Category

SourceForge awarded TSplus one more time this quarter, with the highest recognition.

IRVINE, Calif. - November 24, 2022 - (

This quarter, TSplus was rewarded more than once for its performance, its high customer satisfaction, and its ambitious innovation mindset - starting with SourceForge, the world's largest software comparison directory featuring user reviews, product comparisons, software guides, and more. The platform recognized TSplus in October as a Top Performer Remote Desktop software, before upgrading the company to the status of Leader in this category (see badges).

This certificate is only awarded to select products that have attained the highest levels of praise from user reviews on SourceForge. It gives prizes to exceptional companies and products with outstanding user reviews that put them in the top fifth percentile of highly reviewed products.

Here is a sample:  

"TSplus has been a great product to provide cloud services and host any ERP application on the internet. In Stack, it has provided us with great value to provide services to our customers." - Vishesh G. 

"Simply the best alternative to MS RDS or Citrix there is on the market. It's very lightweight, easy to configure, and very fast." - Howard L. 

"Stability, ergonomics, excellent support, far less expensive than other solutions, very easy implementation. Excellent product and responsive support." - Christian D. 

"The software just works and does everything I want on a mix of AWS and in-house servers. It has been a long business relationship between my company and TSplus and over time I have built good working relationships with them. A key factor for me is that the staff I am dealing with now are the same ones I started with over 10 years ago which is comforting and to me indicates a stable company that will be around as long as I am." - Al S.

To quote only a few. 

Meanwhile, the online publishing house for business news in the APAC region, namely the APAC Business Headlines media, published a front-cover interview of Dominique Benoit, the founder and CEO of TSplus. This was the occasion for the magazine to award TSplus with the title of the Most Disruptive Remote Access Solution Provider to Watch in 2022 and to award the company with a certificate of Service Excellence (see badge).  

This increasing recognition of TSplus' achievements and quality of service confirms the high potential of the software developer to continue to build its position as a leader in the remote access Industry.  

Visit the TSplus website to download a free trial of any TSplus product.  

Contact Information:
Floriane Mer
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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TSplus Recognized Leader in Remote Desktop Category
TSplus Recognized Leader in Remote Desktop Category

SourceForge awarded TSplus one more time this quarter, with the highest recognition.

APAC Business Headlines Declared TSplus Most Disruptive Remote Access Provider
APAC Business Headlines Declared TSplus Most Disruptive Remote Access Provider

This month, the online magazine dedicated its front cover to Dominique Benoit, TSplus' founder and CEO

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Facebook Marketplace, Zelle Scams Are Fastest-Growing Scams in 2022

BeenVerified's analysis of more than 165,000 phone scam complaints reveals the most common consumer phone scams as well as the fastest-growing scams of the year.

Facebook Marketplace, Zelle Scams Are Fastest-Growing Scams in 2022

BeenVerified logo

NEW YORK - November 23, 2022 - (

Received a text or call this year claiming there was a problem with an Amazon order? Or how about claims of fraudulent activity on an online account? Scammers have taken on new tactics and strategies to target consumers this year, and while business imposter scams remain the No.1 phone or text scam in America, other scams have quickly entered the scene, according to the latest analysis from BeenVerified.

"Scams that show fast growth are worth our attention, as they often become scams that dominate in years to come," said Robert Lowry, the vice president of security at BeenVerified

A multitude of new and old scam angles were reported, among them ones targeting peer-to-peer payment services and other platforms connecting users directly to one another. The fastest-growing scam types in 2022 were Facebook Marketplace (up 184.8% from 2021) and P-2-P cash transfer apps Zelle (86%) and PayPal (31.8%), as well as crypto and romance scammers that use the popular phone and text message app WhatsApp (32.1%) to target their victims. 

BeenVerified examined tens of thousands of scam calls and text complaints over the course of the year. The analysis found that overall business imposter scams are the number one type of scam by volume (15.1%), followed by romance scams (14.3%), which showed an increase of 10% since 2021

Fastest-growing scams in 2022

RankType of ScamPercentage change 2021-2022
1Facebook Marketplace184.8%

As we head into the busy holiday shopping season, BeenVerified warns consumers to be careful of business imposter scams, which comprised 15.1% of all scam messages this year. Scammers impersonate legitimate businesses like Amazon, Apple and other name-brand companies to appear reputable to their target, only to then steal their personal or financial information.

Top scam messages in 2022

RankType of Scam% of Comments
1Business Imposter15.1%
2Bank/Credit Card10.3%
5Free Money6.4%

How to help protect yourself from phone scams:

If a text, call, or email feels like it might be a scam, here are tips to help stay secure online:

  1. Don't respond to the message. Responding to messages alerts the scammer of a valid number and someone willing to talk—this can cause more attempts to solicit information. If a text or call is presumably legitimate, find the company's support number and call them back directly.
  2. Don't click links. Links can be connected to malicious software, such as ransomware, spyware or a computer virus.
  3. Don't provide personal information. Any personal information, such as a birth date, credit card security code or even the last four digits of a Social Security number, could give scammers the last piece to the puzzle they need.
  4. Don't give someone remote access to your device. Never hand over control of a computer or device, unless the owner of the device initiated contact with the company.
  5. Don't pay with gift cards. A legitimate business will never ever ask a shopper to pay by gift card.

About BeenVerified

BeenVerified's mission is to help people discover, understand and use public data in their everyday lives. BeenVerified and our associated websites curate dozens of public data sources and proprietary data sets to give people easy and affordable access to billions of public records.

Contact Information:
Kerry Sherin
PR Manager
[email protected]

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Unilog Partnership With ImpaqX Delivers eCommerce Success in the AD Community

Unilog, the leader in connected product content and commerce, is pleased to recognize ImpaqX as the premier certified developer of their eCommerce platform for Affiliated Distributor (AD) members. ...

Live Story Partners With the BigCommerce Experts, Calashock Commerce

Live Story Partners With the BigCommerce Experts, Calashock Commerce NEW YORK - November 22, 2022 - ( ...

QWERX Announces Mark Pecen as Chief Strategy Officer

Mark Pecen headshot Mark Pecen headshot MERRIFIELD, Va. - November 22, 2022 - ( ...

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