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SNH Capital Partners Completes Strategic Investment in Five Nines

AUSTIN, Texas - December 1, 2022 - ( SNH Capital Partners (...

Tampa Residents Increasingly Leverage Flexible Work to Pay Holiday Expenses

The flexible work app, Instawork, matches a network of on-demand hourly workers with Florida businesses. Instawork in Tampa Instawork launches in...

Ecobot Wins 2022 NC TECH AgTech/CleanTech Award

Construction software company Ecobot recognized for innovation and leadership ASHEVILLE, N.C. - De...

New ParkNYC App Proves to Be Unrivaled Success in First 30 Days

Record-Breaking Numbers in First Four Weeks

New ParkNYC App Proves to Be Unrivaled Success in First 30 Days
Flowbird's ParkNYC Earns 4.6 on App Store

Flowbird's ParkNYC Earns 4.6 on App Store

NEW YORK - December 1, 2022 - (

Flowbird Group launched the new and improved ParkNYC mobile parking app on Oct. 17, allowing motorists to pay for on-street and municipal parking in New York City. The new app, implemented by the New York City Department of Transportation, can be used in tens of thousands of parking locations across the five boroughs. In the first four weeks of the launch, the app was downloaded an unprecedented 700K times. 

About 42% of all parking transactions in New York City are made by phone, which showcases the importance of having an easy-to-use parking payment interface. The new ParkNYC app, launched this October, brings several innovations that aim to streamline the parking experience. Improvements to the app include the ability to pay as you go, in addition to the existing ability to pre-load a ParkNYC wallet. The app also supports the latest models of today's smartphones, providing users with a better in-app experience than ever before. Users can receive push notifications when time is about to expire, and extend their time through the app.

Thirty days after the launch of the new pay-by-phone ParkNYC app, its success is unmatched. The new app has been downloaded 700,000 times with 500,000 accounts created. In just 4 weeks, the app has processed over 1.8 million parking transactions. Since the launch, ratings for the new app have jumped from 1.4(on the previous app) to 4.6, with over 10k user ratings. Users compliment the new design, thank the development team for the seamless integration, and cite that it is easy to connect.

Customer support has been on standby since launch, helping users transition to the new app platform. As of 30 days post-launch, there are about five support requests per 1,000 mobile transactions. The average wait time is under one minute on the support line and most calls are resolved in under six minutes.

"I love the new revised app. It is user-friendly, efficient, and we are able to extend parking when needed. Great convenience!" - ParkNYC App iOS reviewer.

Flowbird partnered with NYCDOT to design a brand new end-user portal for ParkNYC and to ensure a successful transition to the new app.

We are delighted to have improved the end users' convenience and to see such a quick increase in the adoption rate," said Benoit Reliquet, President, Flowbird America. "This success is the result of very dedicated collaboration between NYCDOT and our teams."

New York City joins the thousands of other towns and cities across the United States, and globally, using the Flowbird app. Flowbird's continued growth reflects its success in providing simple and convenient solutions for parking and mobility. For more information, please visit

Contact Information:
Julianne Wilhelm
VP of Marketing, U.S.
[email protected]
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AZIO Launches Cascade 98 Keyboard, the First Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard With a Full-Size Number Pad — NOW LIVE on KICKSTARTER

The Cascade fully customizable 98% layout mechanical keyboard features a full-size number pad for improved typing accuracy and productivity AZIO Ca...

LegenDay Starts Supplying High Precision Silicone Parts to Industrial Equipment

LegenDay Starts Supplying High Precision Silicone Parts to Industrial Equipment

Silicone Parts

SHENZHEN, China - December 1, 2022 - (

LegenDay today announced that it has started supplying industrial equipment's high-precision silicone parts. These are a series of industrial-grade silicone accessories, such as protective caps, valves, micro seals, hose connectors, and gaskets - to mention a few.

LegenDay invested in a modern silicone parts production line to achieve tight tolerance and accuracy. The tolerance can range from +/- 0.003 inches to +/- 0.025 inches.

"Achieving tight tolerances with minimal secondary operations requires precision tool making and adopting dependable manufacturing technologies," said Frank, LegenDay Marketing Manager. "At LegenDay, we produce exact and complex silicone parts with high-level consistency," said Frank Bai Yue Hao, LegenDay Marketing Manager.

LegenDay adopts many silicone injection molding techniques, such as multi-shot, over molding, compression molding, 2k injection and extrusion. The company uses various silicone materials, including liquid silicone rubber (LSR), high-consistency silicone rubber (HCR) and regular silicone rubber. 

LegenDay uses a fully automated production line to manufacture high-precision silicone parts for accuracy and consistency. Through rigorous inspection, LegenDay silicone parts guarantee high performance, low defect rate, and high repeatability.

LegenDay supports OEM business and turnkey solutions in industrial equipment's high-precision silicone parts. 

About LegenDay

LegenDay is a reputable and trusted silicone parts supplier. The company designs and tests every silicone part for unmatched performance in industrial equipment. With continued R&D and adopting the latest technologies, LegenDay remains a market leader in precision silicone parts. 

For more information:

Contact Person: Frank Bai Yue Hao (Sales Manager)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +86 13430834223

Contact Information:
Frank Bai Yue Hao
LegenDay's Marketing Manager
[email protected]
+86 13430834223

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Announcing Metator – A Mixed Reality Open Metaverse

Metator - Experiences Beyond Reality DUBAI, Arab Emirates - November 30, 2022 ...

AZIO Launches Cascade 98 Keyboard on Kickstarter, the First Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard With a Full-Size Number Pad

The Cascade fully customizable 98% layout mechanical keyboard features a full-size number pad for improved typing accuracy and productivity AZIO Ca...

Chicago Executive Salo Doko Acquires EvolveHR

Professional Employer Organization Heavyweight Acquires Nationwide Service Provider with a Focus on Servicing Small and Mid-Size Clients ...

Emplifi Predicts 2023 to Be the Year of Authenticity With Brands Relying on ‘Customer Influencers’ Across Social Platforms

As brands build their marketing strategies for the upcoming year, Emplifi reveals which social media trends will drive the biggest outcomes.

NEW YORK - November 30, 2022 - (

Emplifi, the leading unified customer experience (CX) platform, today announced its top social media marketing predictions for 2023. According to Emplifi, 2023 will be the year of authenticity, with brands turning to "customer influencers," user-generated content (UGC), and tapping into the power of TikTok for product discovery. 

UGC and the Rise of the "Customer Influencer"

Authenticity will be key going into 2023, and what could be more authentic than shining the spotlight on your very own customers? Expect brands to encourage customers to share their content and experiences. Using social media to source user-generated content from customers is a scalable and powerful solution for brands.

With 84% of millennials reporting that UGC on a company's website had an influence on what they buy, brands will tap into it to meet content demands in 2023, boosting business while galvanizing customer participation. 

Short-form Video Will (Still) Dominate

TikTok's massive growth is proof that customers are demanding short-form video content. Whether for TikTok, Instagram Reels or Snapchat, marketers will face the challenge of adapting to the evolving trends and investing more of their budget in video. 

According to Emplifi data, Instagram Reels have outperformed all other post types since the start of the year, with 80% of brands on the platform publishing at least one reel in Q3 2022. 

Customers Will Turn to Social for Support

In 2023, we will see more customers turning to social media platforms to connect with brands about service-related issues. Whether it's via direct message or live video straight from social media apps, brands will offer more support touch points via social media. Brands like Orbit Baby and Currys have already implemented live video into their social media care strategy, so customers can receive the same expert advice they would get in-store from the comfort of wherever they are. 

Brands will invest more in TikTok advertising 

Boasting nearly 30 million daily active users globally, brands will tap into TikTok not only for brand awareness but for its contribution to sales.

Brands will get more creative on TikTok, looking to influencers to generate original sounds to increase the visibility of their advertising campaigns. TikTok will also emerge as a key platform for product discovery. The hashtag  #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt gained nearly 31 billion views, demonstrating just how effective the platform has become for influencers and users to share their experiences in an engaging way. 

About Emplifi
Emplifi is the leading unified customer experience (CX) platform that brings marketing, commerce, and care together to help businesses close the customer experience gap. More than 7,800 brands, including Delta Air Lines, Ford Motor Company, and McDonald's, rely on Emplifi to provide their customers with outstanding experiences at every touchpoint. For more information, visit

Contact Information:
Amlika Lal
International PR Director
[email protected]

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Original Source: Emplifi Predicts 2023 to Be the Year of Authenticity With Brands Relying on 'Customer Influencers' Across Social Platforms

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