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Be an Animal Hero Celebration at MUSE Global School Honors Maggie Baird, Dr. Jane Goodall, & Other Animal Heroes

(Left to right) Korin Sutton, Sky Bison, Tabay Atkins, Sheree Johnson, Gwenna Hunter, Maggie Baird, Susan Hargreaves and Free Bison (kneeling in front) at the Be an Animal Hero Awards | Photo Credit: Brandon Hickman

MUSE Global School students fly with the Veganza Animal Heroes | Photo Credit: Brandon Hickman

(left to right) Veganza Animal Heroes Sky Bison, Susan Hargreaves and Korin Sutton pose with River the Cow at the Be an Animal Hero Awards | Photo Credit: Brandon Hickman

October 26 Event was Part of the AnimalHerotober Global Celebration and Featured the World’s First Trio of Plant-Powered Superheroes

We all need more kindness in our lives. The Be an Animal Hero Project inspires all ages to be heroes to all species of animals. The individuals we are celebrating are true change makers.”

— Susan Hargreaves

CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2023 / — The world’s first trio of plant-powered superheroes, Veganza Animal Heroes, and trailblazing superstars, including actress and Support + Feed Founder Maggie Baird and Dr. Jane Goodall were among those honored Thursday, October 26, at the “Be an Animal Hero Celebration” at MUSE Global School to recognize honorees’ compassionate actions to protect all species of animals and the planet.

Educator, animal activist, book author, and event organizer Susan Hargreaves, founded Animal Hero Kids, Inc., a 501c3 global charity that empowers and educates people of all ages to be heroes to ALL species of animals.

The Be an Animal Hero Celebration is the pinnacle event of AnimalHerotober, a global celebration Hargreaves created to encourage and recognize kind choices that benefit animals and the Earth. The privately held event culminated a full week of interactive activities at MUSE Global School, teaching students how to be heroes for all animals and the planet.

“We all need more kindness in our lives,” Hargreaves said. “The Be an Animal Hero project inspires all ages to consider all species, both two-legged and four. The individuals we are celebrating have initiated, innovated, and acted with determination to benefit everyone, including the planet.”

The celebration featured award recipients Maggie Baird, founder of the 501c3 charity Support + Feed, and mother of Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Billie Eilish and Grammy award-winning writer-producer FINNEAS; “Friday” actress Angela Means; Gwenna Hunter, founder of Vegans of LA and the first vegan food bank in Los Angeles; and the world’s youngest yoga instructor/Nike athlete and vegan food truck entrepreneur, Tabay Atkins.

Be an Animal Hero also recognized world-renowned ethologist and conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall, during the event for her life-long dedication of helping all species of animals.

The first plant-based school in the United States, the MUSE Global School, hosted the event. MUSE Global School founder, Suzy Amis Cameron, applauded the organization’s mission. “Be an Animal Hero is creating positive influence on children of all ages and educating them on the importance of animal advocacy throughout their community and the world,” Amis Cameron said. “I’m thrilled to bring Susan Hargreaves and her team to MUSE Global School for education and entertainment through advocacy with our amazing students.”

During the program highlights, children sang the chorus of the new Veganza rap song by Free Bison, with the plant-powered superheroes featured in the “Veganza Animal Heroes Series.” The superheroes included: vegan professional body builder and social media influencer, Korin Sutton who plays Freedom; vegan actress and model, Sky Bison, who plays Courage the Mermaid; and Hargreaves, who portrays Veganza, and Free Bison, the vegan rapper.

As a special treat, event sponsor Wicked Kitchen provided pizza for the celebration lunch. “We are on a mission to improve the lives of humans and animals and help improve the environment by making it easy to go plant-based and still enjoy full-flavored and delicious food,” said Wicked Kitchen CEO Pete Speranza. “We are thrilled to support the Be an Animal Hero Awards and MUSE Global School and help empower and inspire young plant-based eaters.”

Awards Recipients:

• The Paul McCartney Young Veg Advocate Award: Tabay Atkins
• Be an Animal Hero Kind2All Award: Maggie Baird
• Be an Animal Hero Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Jane Goodall
• Be an Animal Hero Innovator Award: Gwenna Hunter
• The Be an Animal Hero Compassionate Chef Entrepreneur Award: Angela Means

About Be an Animal Hero, a project of Animal Hero Kids, Inc.: Be an Animal Hero empowers and educates all ages to be heroes to ALL species of animals. The nonprofit, 501c3, achieves its goal with inspiring compassionate action and heartwarming stories of animal rescue and advocacy. Education programs and events incorporate and celebrate a variety of delicious plant-based, cruelty-free food to promote a compassionate lifestyle.

About Event Sponsor MUSE Global School: MUSE Global School is the first plant-based school in the United States founded by environmental leader and business pioneer Suzy Amis Cameron. MUSE is an eco-friendly, private school nestled in The Santa Monica Mountains in Calabasas, Calif. The school provides innovative, holistic education to students ranging from early childhood through high school. The MUSE 5 Pillars highlights the foundation of its educational philosophy: Academics, Self-Efficacy, Communication, Sustainability and Passion-Based Learning. Students thrive within its enchanting, outdoor campus that was created for exploration and creativity.

About Event Sponsor Cambria Hotel: Little Luxuries, Big Difference. The Cambria Hotel Calabasas is situated on 4 acres of natural beauty with the Santa Monica Mountains and offers a contemporary retreat with sleek spaces and upscale amenities. Soak up the sun in a poolside cabana, enjoy a taste of contemporary California cuisine at Malibu Canyon Bar & Grill, and explore Southern California’s best beaches and popular Malibu attractions just a short, scenic drive away.

About Event Sponsor Wicked Kitchen: Wicked Kitchen is a pioneering, chef-driven range of delicious 100 percent animal-free foods that unleash the power of plants. Created by chefs and brothers Derek Sarno and Chad Sarno, Wicked Kitchen is on a mission to inspire the world to eat more plants. Wicked Kitchen provides convenient meal solutions in food service and across multiple supermarket departments and more than 14,000 retailers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Thailand.

About Event Sponsor Plant Power Productions: Plant Power Productions is a boutique marketing, communications and business development firm that works with plant-based start-ups and small-to-medium businesses to position their brand for growth and success. We believe in the power of plants to promote better health and wellbeing for all and are driven to help aligned entities and entrepreneurs realize their goals, ultimately elevating the common good.

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