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Debbie Wingham creates Kim K mural artwork for charity

Kim is iconic in the fashion world and is no Newbie to being drenched in diamonds. She is regularly conceptualised in numerous art forms, whether its people replicating her makeup or imitating her style or designers that crown Kim their Muse.

British Artist and Designer Debbie Wingham also choose Kim K as the main focal point of her current works. The million-euro mural which is 40ft long, launched a month ago in Puerto Banus, Spain, has been given a diamond makeover worthy of a Kardashian!

Debbie Wingham and Kim K
Debbie Wingham next to her most current Oil painting of Kim

The mural still embodied many of the original features including a huge graffiti wall featuring an adaption on the world renowned Las Vegas sign along with  nautical undertones, which reference the marina location, pop culture including the Beatles and everything you can think of that is associated with the jet set lifestyle which includes Rolex watches, Cartier, NFT’s and a special emphasis on super cars featuring an almost Lifesize billionaires’ toy, a LaFerrari with a series of the poshest pooches, referencing the incredible super cars at Puerto Banus but also all the beloved port side pets rocking real diamond collars.

Debbie Wingham the most expensive
Debbie stands by the million euro mural on the launch night one month ago

Debbie is world renowned with power brands but also loves to curate grand installations with emerging luxury brands. In this instance she found an incredible stockist of hand-crafted dog collars from The Luxury Dog Shop in Sweden who pride themselves on fair trade, exceptional quality dog collars and leads, also available with diamonds. Other emerging creatives included in the mural are eco luxe handbag brand Pallavicini Galizia who take vintage designer materials and repurpose them into haute couture handbags and Chic back who created a fashion meets functionality fashion accessory which is basically like jewelry that adorns your back whilst giving you the support of a bra. 

Debbie Wingham queen
Part of the million Euro Mural prior to the diamond makeover

Wingham even enlisted help from a fellow artist to do some of the more abstract painting for the mural because her style is more realism, so Brazilian artist Nadja Rossato created a number of the abstract faces for the graffiti side of the mural. 

When asked why Wingham insists on working with emerging talent instead of just the top tier brands she said – “It was only a short while ago that I was an emerging creative, hoping that someone gave me a chance and I knew that one day when I was in a position of power, I wouldn’t forget fellow creatives that deserved to be seen, therefore I always include innovative brands, especially environmental ones, I am the queen of luxury upcycling myself and I hate to see anything beautiful go to waste”. The makeover of the mural was to mark the 10-year anniversary of Wingham’s world famous dress, the one that shot her to fame.

Debbie Wingham diamond dress
Debbie wearing the world famous black diamond dress

The world-renowned black diamond dress valued at a whopping 3.5 million GBP. Wingham knew that the black diamond mural makeover had to live up to that same criterion. The mural remaster wasn’t just all diamonds it involved a style makeover and who better to represent style than the biggest fashion icon in the whole world Kim K.

An incredible life-like Kim K rocking her very own world’s most expensive dress, the Marilyn Monroe dress that she wore to the MET Gala just over a month ago.

Kim Kardashian and Debbie Wingham
The process of painting Kim K

Wingham said – “I wanted some uber relevant fashion statements and the fact that the Monroe dress had the title of one of the world’s most expensive dresses alongside mine made the perfect synergy and when you think of fashion icons, no one beats Kim in the style stakes”. Wingham also conducted an impromptu poll on the street of Marbella where the mural is located, asking whose photo people would most like to see on a mural from the whole world? Kim K was high on the list with an overwhelming 79% of votes.

The mural makeover also featured jewellery, pop art, Dogue a doggy Vogue and a simplistic graffiti vibe featuring diamonds, crowns and lips.On the launch night of the mural makeover Wingham kept the diamond vibes alive by gifting a diamond ring from London-based brand Raine to a lucky guest, the winner was determined by picking the correct key to fit a lock.

The mural wall remaster with Kim K Debbie Wingham
The mural wall remaster with Kim K

The other stars of the showcase alongside Kim K were the illustrated silhouettes which have become one of the main focal points of Wingham’s diamond mural, they also got dressed up for the occasion, specially the one next to the Ferrari which was dressed in a digital render of the black diamond dress, and real diamonds were cascading down the digital rendered gown where it laces up at the back to the tune of 1 million euros.

The diamonds were present just for one day for security reasons, but the Kim K fashion extravaganza will remain on the mural for the whole of summer so that people from around the globe will be able to capture a selfie with the Queen of pop culture herself Kim K.The image of Kim was created from an original painting Wingham created, a hyper realistic depiction of Kim’s famous curves and that perfectly contoured face. In order to withstand the sweltering Spanish heat, all the originals were photographed and digitally rendered onto the mural.

Along with all the original artworks from the mural which are to be auctioned off for various charities, The original of Kim K is set to be sent to Kim’s chosen charity Represent Justice which is an LA non-profit charity that fights for a fair legal system and to end to extreme sentencing.  A cause close to Kim’s heart which was recently showcased on The Kardashians series on Hulu.

Black diamond dress Debbie Wingham
The digital render of the black diamond dress with 1 million euros of black diamonds

The mural will be on display in the heart of Puerto Banus until mid-August as a hot spot of social media fans who are on the search for the perfect click.

When asked what her plans were for the future, Wingham shared how she is delighted to announce that she will be launching her new TV show “The Most Expensive…” on Gossip Stone TV in its upcoming public release this Summer.  

Gossip-Stone TV is the newest celebrity news and luxury lifestyle TV channel that is coming to ROKU TV and Amazon Fire TV in the Summer of 2022. Headed by Victoria Unikel the serial entrepreneur and co-founder of 24Fashion TV and VUGA Enterprises Media Group, Gossip-Stone will deliver original and syndicated entertainment content from the most exclusive events and venues to show the 99% how the 1% truly live, work, and play. 

Wingham said – “Who knows more about world’s most expensive than me? I have the most accolades of world’s most expensive globally, with 10 of the world’s most expensive creations under my belt and so I know all the dramas that will unfold, all the security implications and I know a thing or two about living the life lavish”.

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HiiiWAV Unveils ‘Afro AI’: Empowering Black Creators With AI and AR Education

HiiiWAV Unveils ‘Afro AI’: Empowering Black Creators With AI and AR Education
The HiiiWAV Founders

Pictured (left to right) Bosko Kante, Maya Kante, Miles Dotson

Bosko Kante, an award-winning music producer, inventor, tech founder, and artist advocate, proudly announces "Afro AI," a new program by Black creative-focused music+tech incubator HiiiWAV launching September 21, 2023.


What does it mean for black artists and creators to wield the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR)? AFRO AI, created by HiiiWAV, seeks to answer this question in a deeply transformative way. Taught by a team of industry mavens, including Don Allen IIIBenin SaffoLance Coleman, and Nicky Saunders, this 8-week masterclass, starting on September 21, moves beyond mere technical instruction. The curriculum draws heavily from real-world experiences and inventive techniques, reflecting the ethos of HiiiWAV and Bosko Kante’s own journey as an inventor and a musician. This ensures that participants not only gain proficiency in new technologies but also understand how to fold them seamlessly into their unique voices and messages.

Here, learning culminates in the AFRO AI Demo Day, a high-stakes showcase where artists pitch their AI-empowered projects for a chance to secure a $10,000 grant. But more than that, Demo Day is a moment to shine the spotlight on the new narratives and paradigms that black creatives are setting.

About Bosko Kante and HiiiWAV

Bosko Kante is a leading talkbox artist who has also made big contributions to music and tech. He has written and performed talkbox on Grammy-winning albums for artists such as Dua Lipa and Kanye West. Trained as an Engineer at USC, Bosko invented the patented ElectroSpit ESX-1 mobile talkbox. His company ElectroSpit Inc.’s award-winning instruments are used by world-renowned artists like David Guetta and Stevie Wonder.

In 2020, Bosko KanteMaya Kante, and Miles Dotson founded HiiiWAV to pass on the wealth of their experiences and resources to up-and-coming black musicians, creators, and entrepreneurs. As the President and Executive Director, Bosko’s vision steers HiiiWAV's AI+XR+Music Incubator project. 

Impact and Achievements

Since 2022, HiiiWAV has hosted over 50 events and workshops, closely mentored 36 Black Bay Area Artists, and served 36 black creatives and six artist collectives, ranging in age from 18 to 45. These artists, all residents of Alameda County and surrounding Bay Area counties, received mentoring, studio time, and grants to grow their businesses. A total of 27 new artist projects were created, along with two public art showcases. HiiiWAV also hosted 45 free events, attended by over 3,000 people of all ages and identities, including songwriting workshops, art shows, concerts, artist networking events, movie screenings, book reviews, funding fairs, and educational panels. HiiiWAV was recognized as one of the 2023 YBCA 100 most impactful Bay Area nonprofits in addition to numerous awards such as Meta's XR Fund, Hewlett Foundation & Community Vision’s PAAF Grant, FHL Bank’s Ahead Grant, Kataly Foundation Grant, The Liberation Fund Grant, Elevate Initiative Finalist, and Bay-Area LISC Grant. 

Contact Information:
Bosko Kante
Executive Director
[email protected]

Patricia M.
Press Assistant
[email protected]
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