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Enara Health and InBody BWA Unite to Advance Precision Obesity Care with Muscle Preservation Pathways for GLP-1 therapy

Enara Health’s digital platform optimizes GLP-1 outcomes with precision pathways for weight and muscle health.

Enara Health and Inbody BWA are partnering with Doctors and Clinics to Set a New Standard in Obesity Care, Heart Health, and Muscle Management.

By bringing together Enara Health’s personalized care approach with InBody BWA’s precise body composition technology, we are setting a new standard in obesity care.”

— Dr. Rami Bailony, CEO of Enara Health

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2024 / — Enara Health, a leader in personalized obesity care, in partnership with InBody BWA Inc, a renowned leader in body composition analysis, is excited to unveil a groundbreaking initiative aimed at combating muscle loss among patients undergoing treatment with GLP-1 medications. This announcement is especially significant as Medicare expands coverage for semaglutide to include cardiovascular prevention, spotlighting the essential need for integrated care strategies in primary care and cardiology clinics to support healthy aging.

The partnership is set to revolutionize obesity management by distributing InBody BWA’s advanced technology through Enara’s comprehensive care platform to clinics nationwide. Recent studies and clinical trials have underscored the risk of muscle loss associated with GLP-1, posing a potential health risk, especially for the elderly. This strategic integration ensures that weight management for elderly patients, particularly within cardiology settings, prioritizes not only cardiovascular health but also crucial muscle mass preservation.

“By bringing together Enara Health’s personalized care approach with InBody BWA’s precise body composition technology, we are setting a new standard in obesity care,” stated Dr. Rami Bailony, CEO of Enara Health. “Uniting all clinics on a single platform equipped with high-quality composition data, our collaboration paves the way for unprecedented data and precision at scale in obesity treatment, offering a level of care and insight that has never been seen before in this field.”

Muscle mass preservation is crucial for maintaining mobility, strength, and overall quality of life in elderly patients. InBody BWA’s technology helps quantify this in seconds by having patients simply stand and hold handles for accurate tracking of muscle, fat and body water. Monitoring and measuring for a balance of fluid and nutritional status in any chronic disease patient is especially meaningful, and this data powers Enara’s precision and personalized protocols that maintain or even enhance muscle mass while achieving weight loss goals.

“InBody BWA is committed to enhancing patients’ health through our state-of-the-art body composition analyzers. There is a well-established connection between obesity and chronic disease; obesity can accelerate the progression into various chronic diseases and, conversely, patients with chronic conditions are at a higher risk of becoming obese, which can further compromise their health. This issue is particularly critical in elderly patients, where muscle loss and fluid imbalances serve as early indicators of disease progression. Partnering with Enara Health allows us to contribute to a more holistic understanding and management of obesity, where treatments are informed by accurate and comprehensive body composition data every step of the way,” said Erica Kim, head of InBody BWA’s Business Development.

Patients engaged with Enara Health’s programs will have access to InBody BWA’s detailed body composition analysis, enabling them to track their progress with unprecedented precision. This data-driven approach not only fosters a deeper understanding of one’s health journey but also empowers individuals to make informed decisions in collaboration with their healthcare providers.

To facilitate the adoption of this groundbreaking approach, Enara Health is offering up to $30,000 in implementation credits to the first 20 new cardiology clinic partners. This initiative aims to build a robust network of clinics equipped with the tools necessary to deliver comprehensive, personalized obesity care that encompasses cardiovascular health and muscle preservation.

“We invite cardiology clinics to join us in this transformative journey to redefine obesity and cardiometabolic care,” added Dr. Bailony. “With the support of our implementation credit, we are eager to expand our collaborative efforts to ensure that more patients can benefit from our holistic and personalized care approach.”

Clinics interested in taking part in this innovative program and leveraging the implementation credit are encouraged to reach out to Enara Health for further information on partnership opportunities.

About Enara Health

Enara Health is at the forefront of personalized obesity care, leveraging technology and medical expertise to develop dynamic, data-driven treatment plans. In partnership with primary care and cardiology doctors, Enara Health is a building a world class network of clinics that offer insurance-covered obesity care.

About InBody BWA

InBody BWA is a leading the way in body composition and body water analysis, offering precise insights that empower healthcare professionals to monitor body composition easier from clinical treatments and individuals to make informed decisions for healthier lifestyles. Through its commitment to innovation, InBody BWA continues to contribute to advancements in health and wellness for patients.

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