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Following Pandemic, Woof Woof the Shadow Pup Shines a Spotlight on Social-Emotional Learning Through the Arts

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - September 29, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

After two and a half years living through a global pandemic, there is no better time to give families a theater experience that makes an impact on children's mental health. With concept driven by Yale Child Psychologist, Dr. Nancy Close, Woof Woof the Shadow Pup highlights the theme of sharing our feelings in the incredible world of shadow dance. "The pandemic has wreaked havoc on our social connections and has caused many big feelings to come up," said Dr. Nancy Close. "This show inspires kids to share their feelings with a shadow dog, Woof Woof. They have so much fun calling out to Woof Woof in the show and watching him appear through the dancers' magical shadow transformation." Woof Woof the Shadow Pup performs at the Quick Center for the Arts, Fairfield University on Saturday, Oct. 8, at 5:00 p.m. 

This show brings together the power of storytelling, shadow dance, artful video projections, and mesmerizing puppetry. Woof Woof delivers a positive message that benefits children's social-emotional learning and is entertaining for both children, parents, and grandparents. It builds an emotional bond in families and helps children to talk about their feelings. "We think it's the ultimate compliment when families tell us that their kids ask to play Woof Woof at home because we know we've made a lasting impact in the lives of these young children!"

Dr. Nancy Close and creative director Becca Winter, an intergenerational family duo, have combined their talents as professional women and parents to bring the healing power of play and imagination into the hearts and minds of families. The production features original music by Emmy-winning composer of Blue's Clues and Peg + Cat, J. Walter Hawkes. American Idol star Kat Edmonson narrates and America's Got Talent Finalist Becca Winter and Hamilton Tour Dance Supervisor Alessandra Marconi created the choreography. The stunning projection design was hand-drawn by artist Katherine Freer and the illuminating firefly puppets were crafted by the Puppet Kitchen.

The story of the show follows Little Lucy, who faces big feelings in her day and doesn't have the words to express herself. But with the help of her dad and a flashlight, they discover Woof Woof the Shadow Pup, who helps Lucy speak from the heart and share all of her emotions. Lucy finds action-packed adventure in magical worlds filled with enchanted castles, rocket ships, and zany zoo animals. Woof Woof the Shadow Pup illuminates the importance of understanding and acknowledging the emotional life of young children. This inspiring story is an invitation for families to experience shadow play at home and in the magical world of shadow theater: wondrous worlds where adventure and possibility are never-ending.

Saturday, October 8, at 5:00 p.m.

Quick Center for the Arts

1073 N Benson Rd, Fairfield, CT


To Buy Tickets: woofwoofshadow.com

Woof Woof the Shadow Pup Preview

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Original Source: Following Pandemic, Woof Woof the Shadow Pup Shines a Spotlight on Social-Emotional Learning Through the Arts
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Findings Wins the Ayn Rand ATLAS Award for ‘Best Supply Chain Management Start-Up of 2022’

Declared as the Supply Chain Management award winner out of 16 finalists

Findings Wins the Ayn Rand ATLAS Award for ‘Best Supply Chain Management Start-Up of 2022’
Findings.co Wins the Ayn Rand ATLAS Award for \"Best Supply Chain Management Start-Up of 2022\"

Findings.co Wins the Ayn Rand ATLAS Award for \"Best Supply Chain Management Start-Up of 2022\"

NEW YORK - December 2, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

FINDINGS, the supply chain compliance automation company, won the Ayn Rand ATLAS Award for its innovative technology that allows companies of all sizes to benefit from comprehensive and affordable end-to-end compliance assurance and monitoring for their entire supply chain. The ATLAS award is a joint effort also with AWSStartup Nation Central, the IAI, and others.  

"Candidates for the Atlas Award are companies chosen amongst Israel's most innovative start-ups that meet the criteria for excellence," stated the Atlas Award committee.

Findings is a state-of-the-art B2B risk monitoring platform that supports best practices and tailor-made risk assessment and performance monitoring in multiple domains, including cybersecurity, privacy, ESG, and trade compliance. It has been adopted globally by innovative companies, forward-thinking organizations, financial institutions, critical infrastructure, defense contractors, and government institutions, among others.

"Enterprises experience a common problem across the industry of manual, tedious and costly processes to run assessments' data capture, validation and continuous monitoring for their supply chains," said Kobi Freedman, Co-Founder and CEO of Findings. "The small fraction of visibility along with the current industry's cost structure enables a company's security, ESG or procurement teams to manage only top vendors and neglect the long-tail of suppliers, while both objective risks, as well as regulatory compliance requirements evolving in recent years, require complete and continuous visibility for the entire vendor base and BOM (Bill Of Materials) relationships."

"We started Findings after experiencing the friction in the market," said Jonatan Perry, Co-Founder and CTO of Findings. "We are thrilled to solve supply chain visibility gaps for small companies and some of the world's biggest enterprises alike."

Who does Findings provide its supply chain management solutions for?

Findings offer cost-effective and scalable solutions, fully customizable to the user's risk program, that provides best practices and customized capabilities for Enterprises, Vendors, and their N-tier supply chain alike.

Findings enable companies to get full, real-time, continuous visibility across their entire supply chain by using custom integrations, tools, and automation capabilities.

For more information about Findings, please feel free to contact Findings at:


[email protected]

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Yogev Kimor
VP of Marketing
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Original Source: Findings Wins the Ayn Rand ATLAS Award for 'Best Supply Chain Management Start-Up of 2022'
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