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Korean Drama X Otome Game, ‘Love Too Easily’, a New Type of Game Where You Can Create Your Own Story, Will Be Released on Steam on August 25th

MediBang Inc. (HQ: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Hideyuki Takashima; by "MediBang") will release "Love Too Easily" as the first title of its game publishing label "MediBang Games" on Steam on August 25, 2023.


In Love Too Easily, the main character wakes up with only a partial memory of her night out with friends. Her hangover has left many memories blank, but she knows someone has kissed her! But who…? A memory of a sweet kiss from last night. A lost cell phone. Three suspects. Become the main character's helper, make story choices, collect hints, and clear mini-games. A full-scale mystery romantic comedy interactive movie.

Game System:

Love Too Easily is a full-fledged mystery-type romantic comedy game based in a K-Drama-styled setting.  Players can enjoy the thrill of unraveling the truth, the story that changes the flow and ending depending on the player's choices. Various mini-games, quick time events (QTEs), and other elements make the game accessible and entertaining for both K-Drama fans and game enthusiasts alike.

Stay up to date:

Developed by Korea-based "Monster Guide Inc.", the demo version is currently available on Steam. The inspiration comes from Korean dramas, and the rising female audience among gamers. The game is available in Korean (original), Japanese, English, and Chinese (simplified and traditional) and will be released on Steam by MediBang, which specializes in video game localisation and global distribution. For the latest information regarding the official release, view the game on Steam, or check out MediBang's Twitter and Monster Guide's website.

About the Developer:

South Korean game production company "Monster Guide Inc." has been developing "Love Too Easily" since 2020. The company owns a business model of converting traditional Korean movies and dramas into interactive games and expanding into various distribution channels such as PC games, mobile games, and console games.

About MediBang Games: 

MediBang Games is a game publishing label run by MediBang Inc. MediBang Games first entered the game localization market in 2016 after expanding from our successes in building "MediBang Paint" and "ArtStreet".

Leveraging our strength of having over 20 million users over our various platforms, we launched our overseas distribution service the same year to deliver our localized works directly to gamers worldwide. Now, we have gained partnerships with over 30 game stores worldwide, including Steam, Epic Games and





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Contact Information:
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Original Source: Korean Drama X Otome Game, 'Love Too Easily', a New Type of Game Where You Can Create Your Own Story, Will Be Released on Steam on August 25th
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