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Purple Star Studios’ Remote Location Movie Trailer Has the Internet Snowballing Into a Frenzy

Jasmin Cadavid takes a turn from music to film and the internet approves

Purple Star Studios’ Remote Location Movie Trailer Has the Internet Snowballing Into a Frenzy
Remote Location Movie Poster

The Poster to the Official Movie Trailer \"Remote Location\"

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - August 15, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

 "When celebrities Susan Kirkman and husband Jonathan Woods are persuaded by their manager and longtime friend to move to a remote location, paradise takes a very sinister turn."

Hit music and now film producer "CP Hollywood" and trending multitalented director Mark A Samuels, have shocked the world with their new movie trailer "Remote Location". The movie is not your classic bait and switch for paradise. Susan (played by Jasmin Cadavid, musician/influencer) and Johnathon (played by Thomas Rusley) find themselves being persuaded into what seems to be paradise. Upon arriving at their "Remote Location", they are greeted by stars that the world thought were dead or missing for years. 

The movie progresses into a sinister and mind-bending suspense, keeping those watching it, feeling like they are far from being in the driver's seat. Ronnie Hilman (played by CP Hollywood) sends that shady chill down spines as he plays the villain.

When asked about the role of Susan, Jasmin said, "I loved working on this movie. I got to play a smart, strong and empowering role. The role really allowed me to showcase my acting! The cast, crew and the energy that is a part of this trailer is amazing."

Thomas Rusley said, "Playing Johnathon in the Movie gave me the opportunity to display a different side of me. People know me as Rell from the movie, Murder Gardens. I love that, but I want people to know I'm a great, versatile actor who appreciates every opportunity I get 100%."

Lexi Delarosa (who plays Tania, the friend and manager of the couple in the movie) says, "It was fun. I feel like my part develops slowly and makes people question whether or not I am playing a sincere character with concern for my friends or if I am a manipulative businesswoman that is just a good actress, being played by an actress," as she laughed.

According to CP Hollywood, "What is making the internet go even crazier: Influencers are sharing the trailer, thousands of people have submitted to the contest, 460+ news outlets have picked up the trailer, streamed over 100,000 times collectively and has been posted on WorldStar. It is also gaining attention on IMDB and has over 4,000 content engagements".

In theaters 2023, the movie was independently produced and is in the end stages of production. 


Starring: Jasmin Cadavid, Thomas Rusley, Andrew Liebenhaut aka CP Hollywood and Lexi Delarosa 

Voiceovers - Fever Faye

Directed By: Mark A Samuels via MBS Media Group 

Written By: CP Hollywood aka Andrew Liebenhaut

Executive Produced By: @cphollywood954 CP Hollywood Productions via Purple Star Studios 

Screenplay By: Mark A Samuels

Edited By: Mark A Samuels

Movie Release 2023

For all inquiries related to the movie, contact [email protected]

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Original Source: Purple Star Studios' Remote Location Movie Trailer Has the Internet Snowballing Into a Frenzy
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Credit Union 1 Finalizes Emory Alliance Credit Union Merger, Increasing Asset Size to $1.6 Billion

Credit Union 1's Dec.31 merger with Emory Alliance Credit Union expands its presence to the booming Atlanta market and grows their existing partnerships with prestigious universities across the country, such as Emory University and the Emory Healthcare Network, via the merger.

CHICAGO - December 2, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Credit Union 1 (CU1)—the Official Banking Partner of Notre Dame Athletics, with a national online presence and physical branches across Illinois, Indiana, and Nevada—recently announced both the year-end merger with Emory Alliance Credit Union (EACU) of Atlanta, GA, as well as first quarter 2023 acquisition of NorthSide Community Bank in northern Chicagoland, increasing asset size to $1.8 billion and an estimated 109,000 members by first quarter 2023. 

Credit Union 1's merger with EACU, which marks the credit union's entry into the southeast United States, will have Emory Alliance Credit Union keep its name and operate as a Division of Credit Union 1 to maximize the partnership with Emory University and Emory Health Care Network, the second largest employer in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. The acquisition of NorthSide Community Bank—with branches in Gurnee, Mundelein, Niles, and Riverwoods—continues to build out CU1's presence in Illinois. 

"As Credit Union 1 turns 65, we are looking toward the future with a focus on thoughtful expansion, building a nationwide presence for our members while also retaining the local community feel and high level of service that our long-time members have come to expect from CU1," says Todd Gunderson, President and CEO of Credit Union 1. "As we grow, we have prioritized partnering with organizations that share our vision and values, so that each merger is a true benefit to our new and existing members." 

Credit Union 1's top priority is the member experience, providing new members with an expanded array of products, highly competitive rates, a larger national footprint, and investment in local communities. In 2023, CU1 will donate more than $500,000 to benefit community members through partnerships with the Golic Family Foundation, University of Illinois Chicago, Western Illinois University, and more. CU1 also offers its members a modern, everyday banking experience thanks to its continued investment in technology, providing features like a highly rated mobile app, an easy-to-use digital banking platform, conveniences like CU1 Card Keeper, the opportunity for member service via LiveChat, and much more. 

About Credit Union 1  

Credit Union 1 is celebrating 65 years of helping members reach their financial goals. CU1 is a state-chartered, federally insured, member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative serving 85,000 members across 14 branches located in Illinois, Indiana, and Nevada. CU1 also serves members nationwide thanks to a highly rated mobile app, 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs, and 5,000 shared-branch locations. CU1's mission is to exceed our members' expectations by delivering innovative financial solutions to help achieve their maximum economic potential.  

Contact Information:
Michael Eck
[email protected]

Sarah Ryan-Lizee
Director of Communications, Credit Union 1
[email protected]

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Original Source: Credit Union 1 Finalizes Emory Alliance Credit Union Merger, Increasing Asset Size to $1.6 Billion
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