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Varied Adventures of a Chinese American Hero, a Police Chief in the Southwest, and a Court Painter in Old Beijing.

Front cover capturing the tone of police work in the southwest.

Wuxia America book cover

Wuxia America book cover

Essays from Beijing Book Cover

Essays from Beijing Book Cover

Growing Recognition for Via Media’s Newest Fiction Books

Michael DeMarco brings his considerable prose talents to the wonderful novella form with a tale powered by his expertise, his world travels and a river that powers much of great fiction: the quest.”

— James Grady, Six Days of the Condor, and other novels

SANTA FE, NM, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2024 / — Via Media Publishing is proud to announce the release of a new line of fiction books written by the company’s founder, Michael DeMarco. These books have been making a significant impact in the literary world, gaining recognition and popularity among readers. The titles include “Wuxia America: The Timely Emergence of a Chinese American Hero,” “Martial Art Essays from Beijing, 1760,” and the newest addition, “Crossfire Southwest: Life Behind a Badge.”

Michael DeMarco, a renowned author and founder of Via Media Publishing, has once again captivated readers with his latest works. Each book is well-written, entertaining, and thoughtfully crafted, showcasing DeMarco’s exceptional writing skills and unique storytelling abilities. The books offer a diverse range of genres, from action-packed adventures to insightful essays, making them a must-read for all book lovers.

With a plot spiced like a Chinese herbal recipe, “Wuxia America” is a powerful story of identity, culture, and heroism set in the backdrop of present-day intense intrigues unfolding an international scale.

“Martial Art Essays from Beijing, 1760” takes readers on a journey through time, exploring the richness of Chinese martial traditions as found in handwritten papers found among a Jesuit court painter in the Forbidden City.

As the newest work, “Crossfire Southwest: Life Behind a Badge,” presents some of the daily occurrences of a career policeman, from rookie cop to the position of chief in the American Southwest. His personal story illuminates aspects of law enforcement that will resonate in readers who value peace at home and on the streets. Warning: many of the stories are humorous.

These books have been receiving rave reviews from readers and critics alike, with many praising DeMarco’s writing style and the depth of his storytelling. Via Media Publishing is excited to bring these exceptional works to readers worldwide and hopes that they will continue to make a lasting impact in the literary world.

For more information on these books, please visit Via Media’s website or major online bookstores. Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #ViaMediaPublishing and share your thoughts on these captivating new releases. Readers are looking forward to the next title DeMarco is presently crafting.

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