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VerseOne Distribution Releasing Nda Chi’s New Album ‘Mengwi’

Cameroonian artist calls for rights for women.

DELAWARE CITY, Del. - November 10, 2022 - (

VerseOne Distribution, a global music distribution service, supports local independent artists around the world. Nda Chi, a griot from Cameroon will officially release his album, "Mengwi" on Nov. 18, 2022, exclusively distributed by VerseOne Distribution. 

Mengwi means 'Woman' in Neghapelong, and is Nda Chi's mother language. His upcoming 8-track album celebrates the women in his society, while also bringing light to the oppression, inequality, and violence they must face in their lives. Through this project, he aims to sensitize the world to the harsh realities of the misogynous, patriarchal society in which women live, and also calls women to unite in solidarity. Nda Chi wanted to highlight these women - his mother, family, friends- who desperately seek the freedom needed to survive as women. "Mengwi" is an external look at the woman and a call to her introspection.

"Melagouok", a track from the album is his mother's name and celebrates the women who dare to dream and pursue their own future. Using his mother as his muse, the track is his favorite "because it celebrates determination and ambition, despite the world saying no to her."

Melagouok is my mother's name and this title celebrates women like [her] who are leaders and dare to dream of their future and do everything to achieve their dream.

Nda Chi, born Armand Noel Ntoungchi Kamtchoua, is an artist from Baleng, West Cameroon. With a love for music since a young age, he was inspired by artists such as Nina Simone, James Brown, and Anne Marie Nzie. He developed his own style, combining African rhythms and folk with blues, rock, funk, and gospel. By combining traditional rhythms belonging to ethnic groups that make up Cameroon, Nda Chi strives to keep heritage alive and calls his style Ethnic Black Spiritual Groove. In 2018, he won the national song contest, "MutzigStar" and released his album "Ngi Ngun", which won the best album award at the Visartculture Ouest Awards. Nda Chi is committed to shedding light on women's rights.

Stay tuned for Nda Chi's album release on all streaming platforms. To pre-save the album, click here. All tracks are distributed by VerseOne Distribution. 

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Original Source: VerseOne Distribution Releasing Nda Chi's New Album 'Mengwi'
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Jerry Steele’s New Book ‘Elmer the Elf and His Flying Machine’ Follows a Curious and Inventive Elf Who Sets Out to Invent a Machine...

Aston, PA - November 23, 2022 - (

Fulton Books author Jerry Steele, an author who lives in Aston, Pennsylvania with his loving wife Janet, has completed his most recent book "Elmer the Elf and His Flying Machine": a heartfelt story of a young elf who sets off to follow his dreams despite the negative attitudes and comments from those around him.

"Elmer the Elf desperately wants to fly," Steele writes. "He wants to soar like the birds. He wants to touch the clouds, like the human who flew over his farm in a strange-looking flying machine. But how?"

"This is a young children's story of how one little elf makes his giant dream come true. 'Elmer the Elf and His Flying Machine' is a delightful, whimsical tale that will capture the hearts and minds of the youngest reader."

Published by Fulton Books, Jerry Steele's book is an inspirational journey that explores the miraculous feats one can accomplish if they believe in themselves and follow their dreams. Full of unforgettable characters and lots of heart, readers of all ages will be able to connect with this coming-of-age tale that shows anyone can achieve their heart's desire with enough determination and perseverance.

Readers who wish to experience this uplifting work can purchase "Elmer the Elf and His Flying Machine" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.

Please direct all media inquiries to Author Support via email at [email protected] or via telephone at 877-210-0816.

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Original Source: Jerry Steele's New Book 'Elmer the Elf and His Flying Machine' Follows a Curious and Inventive Elf Who Sets Out to Invent a Machine to Fly Just as Humans Do
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