Sunday, October 1, 2023

ALGER FASHION WEEK – Newest Media Partner of 24Fashion TV

ALGER FASHION WEEK - newest media partner of 24Fashion TV.


ALGER FASHION WEEK was launched in 2011 by Nawel NEDJARI, to promote Algerian fashion, in France and Algeria, but also internationally.

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In collaboration with professional teams such as renowned stylists, modeling agencies, major accredited photographers, and major institutions such as Embassies, Consulates or Ministries of Culture, we offer fashion shows only in traditional Algerian outfits, we respect the Algerian heritage, some outfits of which are listed as World Heritage!

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24Fashion TV 24Fashion TV ALGERFASHIONWEEK Paris ParisFashionWeek 1621553978 1623873830 jpeg

"Long live Algerian fashion and long live Algeria"

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