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Deadwood SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Deadwood SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week


The 10th of august Deadwood presented the upcoming SS24 collection at Copenhag en Fashion Week, marking the brand's first-ever runway show.

A decade ago, Deadwood set out on a journey to build a slow-evolving collection where progressive uses of materials would always be at the core. The brand was founded as the offspring of a vintage store in Stockholm created by Carl Ollson & Felix von Bahder back in 2012. From reworking vintage garments Deadwood went on to make the leather industry more waste efficient by offering a range of products from upcycled deadstock leather and non-plastic vegan alternatives.

In the spring of 2024 Deadwood is launching its SS24 collection inspired by a dystopian future scenario where drought and desertification spreads, the collection forms a part of Deadwood's evocative Cataclysms series. The unisex collection presents flowing silhouettes in all upcycled left-over garments and fabrics consisting of technical lightweight fabrics contrasted with heavier natural materials that provide protection while allowing for breathability and movement. The color palette

features earthy tones such as sand, beige, and terracotta, interspersed with vibrant hues inspired by the everchanging desert sky. Powerful contemporary silhouettes will be brought to life by intricate embroidered patterns and patchworks.

As a pioneer in sustainable fashion, Deadwood highlights the problematic paradoxes in modern society while at the same time paying homage to the resilience and adaptability of mankind. The garments presented in the collection draws inspiration from the ingenious ways of adapting to the desert life while infusing these pragmatic solutions with elements of beauty.

Sustainability will remain at the core of the collection, with Deadwood continuing its commitment to using upcycled leather while introducing other recycled fibers and natural dyes. Once again, Deadwood teams up with XV Production to upcycle garments from previous collections and in-house deadstock fabrics to produce parts of the SS24 collection locally in Sweden.

Deadwood SS24 collection celebrates the strength of the human spirit and the importance of leading fashion onto a more sustainable path.

Runway looks

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Photo: Press Deadwood

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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PureVPN Announces Groundbreaking VPN App Release for Apple TV

PureVPN Announces Groundbreaking VPN App Release for Apple TV
PureVpn's Apple TV APP

Your Passport to Unlimited Global Streaming

PureSquare's subsidiary, PureVPN, a frontrunner in VPN services, is spearheading innovation by becoming one of the first VPN providers to unveil its dedicated VPN app for Apple TV. This milestone sets a new standard in the digital landscape. Say goodbye to the complexities of manual VPN router setups and hello to a streamlined, user-friendly experience for Apple TV enthusiasts.

Key features of PureVPN's Apple TV VPN app

  1. User-friendly interface: Instantly connect to the best-suited server from your home screen with a single click. Our advanced algorithm ensures optimal performance for your browsing experience.
  2. Effortless server selection: Easily choose your desired VPN server location with a user-friendly search function. No more manual VPN router configurations, ensuring seamless browsing on all connected devices.
  3. Favorite locations: Save frequently used cities and countries on Apple TV for swift access. No more searching every time you want to connect.
  4. Native support: With the native support for VPN in tvOS 17, using PureVPN on your Apple TV is now a breeze. Simply download the PureVPN app from your device’s app store, log in to your VPN account, and connect to a location. It's never been easier to streamline your VPN experience on an Apple TV.
  5. Full-featured free trial: The new app offers a comprehensive free trial, allowing you to explore all its features and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Unleash a world of entertainment

This app allows users to effortlessly enjoy seamless streaming of their favorite movies and TV shows, making it users' favorite. The response has been overwhelming, with the app garnering an impressive 4,000+ downloads in less than 48 hours.

Priority on user security and privacy

In line with PureVPN's steadfast commitment to user protection, the Apple TV app places paramount importance on privacy and security. It achieves this through the integration of the IKEv protocol, shielding users from prying eyes by leveraging military-grade encryption. With access to over 6,500+ secure VPN servers in 70+ countries, enjoy uninterrupted streaming free from buffering and lag. Additionally, the app offers the following ongoing benefits:

  • Ensure maximum privacy and security during Apple TV streaming sessions.
  • Optimize streaming performance by countering ISP throttling on your Apple TV.

Seize the future of streaming - Download now

PureVPN Apple TV app is available for immediate download from the Apple App Store. Additionally, users can try out the app for a free trial period. Simply search for "PureVPN," download the Apple TV VPN app, and follow the intuitive setup process.

About PureVPN

With this groundbreaking launch, PureVPN continues its mission to democratize internet accessibility. The app offers an unparalleled streaming experience, emphasizing security and privacy. This development heralds a new era of borderless entertainment for Apple users globally.

PureVPN is available on a diverse range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, browser extensions, Linux, and Amazon Fire TV Stick, providing a seamless and secure browsing experience across all your devices.

Contact Information:
PureSquare Press
PR Manager
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Original Source: PureVPN Announces Groundbreaking VPN App Release for Apple TV
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