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Julien Fournié. Couture Show. FW 2022/2023

Julien Fourni. Couture Show. Fall-Winter 2022/2023. Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week 

First Creatures

Julien Fourni is happy show his collection on the runway again. Without forgetting the past and recent crises, he presents today his vision for the future. Faced with the foolishness of fashion trends, the French couturier pretends that cut, refinement and beauty still make it possible to transform our vulnerability into weapons and change our perspective to approach the world.

His First Creatures propose a variety of aesthetic paths to triumph over gloom. In a world where hope seems to be scarce, Julien Fournis creatures never give in to pessimism. They draw from past wounds, the strength which turns them into heroines. They keep their spine straight, assume femininity, induce their own authority.

Julien Fourni draws his inspiration from the open sea:

Manta rays are set up as a symbol of grace. They appear on a delicate necklace, fruit of the collaboration of Julien Fourni with Adrian Colin, the glass artist. The futuristic and organic shape of this animal formerly called sea devil is inlaid in silk organza or tulle on dresses and riding- coats. It is also seen on the hemline of certain jackets. It insinuates itself on the bottom of the backside in a black sheath. Everywhere, this shape enhances the anatomy for these half-woman, half-alien silhouettes which are blending in the same graphic outline virtual legend and physical appearance.

Jellyfish arouses both fascination and dread. Julien Fourni uses its umbrellas and tentacles as splendid and venomous embellishments.

The tentacles of cephalopods and the rostrums of sea mammals sensually underline the means of perception in this ecosystem as well as possible exchanges between neighbours - be they of different species - in an ocean of borderless circulation.

In his color palette for the season, Julien Fourni makes shades of black and midnight blue sing. He also chooses to weave metallic colored threads together, moulds bodies into 3D silk jersey, translates the skin of the oceanic creatures he cherishes here into the pattern forming the mesh of a fine jersey, emphasizes the skin with a sheer fish scale embroidery on a nude tulle sheath, uses organza to depict the iridescence of light when it is reflected in the pelagic space.

For two years, we have explored new means of expression through original films, says Julien Fourni. But nothing can replace the physical presentation in front of a chosen audience... to experience the same emotions together. Seeing our models again on the runway is essential, especially for Haute Couture. The matter, particularly in this field, does not go without the substance: that of a personal story told to who can read appearances, that of a resolute cut aimed at highlighting the rough edges that make up a person.

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By Fashion Editor 24FashionTV: Christina V Henningstad

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Credit Union 1 Finalizes Emory Alliance Credit Union Merger, Increasing Asset Size to $1.6 Billion

Credit Union 1's Dec.31 merger with Emory Alliance Credit Union expands its presence to the booming Atlanta market and grows their existing partnerships with prestigious universities across the country, such as Emory University and the Emory Healthcare Network, via the merger.

CHICAGO - December 2, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Credit Union 1 (CU1)—the Official Banking Partner of Notre Dame Athletics, with a national online presence and physical branches across Illinois, Indiana, and Nevada—recently announced both the year-end merger with Emory Alliance Credit Union (EACU) of Atlanta, GA, as well as first quarter 2023 acquisition of NorthSide Community Bank in northern Chicagoland, increasing asset size to $1.8 billion and an estimated 109,000 members by first quarter 2023. 

Credit Union 1's merger with EACU, which marks the credit union's entry into the southeast United States, will have Emory Alliance Credit Union keep its name and operate as a Division of Credit Union 1 to maximize the partnership with Emory University and Emory Health Care Network, the second largest employer in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. The acquisition of NorthSide Community Bank—with branches in Gurnee, Mundelein, Niles, and Riverwoods—continues to build out CU1's presence in Illinois. 

"As Credit Union 1 turns 65, we are looking toward the future with a focus on thoughtful expansion, building a nationwide presence for our members while also retaining the local community feel and high level of service that our long-time members have come to expect from CU1," says Todd Gunderson, President and CEO of Credit Union 1. "As we grow, we have prioritized partnering with organizations that share our vision and values, so that each merger is a true benefit to our new and existing members." 

Credit Union 1's top priority is the member experience, providing new members with an expanded array of products, highly competitive rates, a larger national footprint, and investment in local communities. In 2023, CU1 will donate more than $500,000 to benefit community members through partnerships with the Golic Family Foundation, University of Illinois Chicago, Western Illinois University, and more. CU1 also offers its members a modern, everyday banking experience thanks to its continued investment in technology, providing features like a highly rated mobile app, an easy-to-use digital banking platform, conveniences like CU1 Card Keeper, the opportunity for member service via LiveChat, and much more. 

About Credit Union 1  

Credit Union 1 is celebrating 65 years of helping members reach their financial goals. CU1 is a state-chartered, federally insured, member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative serving 85,000 members across 14 branches located in Illinois, Indiana, and Nevada. CU1 also serves members nationwide thanks to a highly rated mobile app, 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs, and 5,000 shared-branch locations. CU1's mission is to exceed our members' expectations by delivering innovative financial solutions to help achieve their maximum economic potential.  

Contact Information:
Michael Eck
[email protected]

Sarah Ryan-Lizee
Director of Communications, Credit Union 1
[email protected]

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Original Source: Credit Union 1 Finalizes Emory Alliance Credit Union Merger, Increasing Asset Size to $1.6 Billion
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