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Kernemilk SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Kernemilk SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week


The SS24 Kernemilk fashion show introduces new and defining interpretations to our universe. Infused with the elemental grace of the oceans fluidity and the exquisite beauty of the rose, the REVIVE collection aims to capture the dynamic understanding of eternal growth, mirroring the way humans revalue and renew throughout their lives. This symbolism is artfully manifested in the design and production of our REVIVE collection.

Nature serves as our central inspiration, allowing us to embrace its beauty while also confronting the darker aspects of our reality. We aim to figuratively illustrate the reflective state of mind in contemplating life and all its facets. With a creative and innovative approach, the SS24 collection takes a bold step, breaking away from patterns seen in earlier collections and extending our artistic vision.

The REVIVE collection embraces a contrasting realm, delving into darker aesthetics textured by fabrics such as denim and mesh. Channeling themes of melancholy, mortality, and punk, our intention is to offer deeper and more profound interpretations of the challenges and richness of life. This interplay of concepts are thoroughly woven into the collection, where the contrasting of materials takes center stage, melding sequins and glitter to create a multidimensional universe. Further infusing echoes of the early 00s, our showcase becomes a fusion of expressions. This amalgamation serves to challenge preconceptions and transcend commercial norms, forging a path toward an inclusive and expansive creative landscape.

Drawing from the depths of our reality, our endeavor is to anchor ourselves at the very core of this cosmos, advancing the timeless narrative of Kernemilk. We remain steadfast in honoring our original vision, crafting productions that honor the ideals of organic,

sustainable evolution. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, we embrace unadulterated materials  100% cotton, deadstock wool, oilskin  each a testament to our reference for the natural world that informs our journey.

Runway looks

24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 001 1691850532 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 002 1691850535 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 003 1691850539 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 004 1691850542 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 005 1691850546 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 006 1691850549 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 007 1691850553 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 008 1691850556 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 009 1691850560 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 010 1691850563 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 011 1691850565 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 012 1691850569 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 013 1691850573 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 014 1691850576 jpg24Fashion TV Kernemilk SS24 015 1691850579 jpg

Photo: Press Kernemilk

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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