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KOCHÉ SS23 during Paris Fashion Week

Show KOCH SS23 during Paris Fashion Week

The KOCH SS23 fashion show took place at the Palais Brongniart.

In the heart of Paris, this prestigious building is the historic site of the former Bourse - Paris Stock Exchange. Christelle Kocher wanted a majestic place with spectacular architecture to present her Summer 2023 collection inspired by technology.

The Designer has a deep interest in the new creative possibilities at the intersection of fashion and technology, as a way of questioning both the heritage and the future of fashion.

For this show, Christelle conducted a joint research project with Google ATAP, combining science and creativity to develop hybrid clothes and a unique show experience. Thanks to advanced technologies, the models, the collection and the public interact with each other, reflecting the environment in real time.

The SS23 collection is clearly inspired by the digital. The Designer offers, for example, perforated leather that recalls pixelated aesthetic of the early video games. The clothes are also energized by bands and fringes with cyber punk accents. The colour palette is light, vivid and fresh like screen colors. True to KOCHs DNA, this season again, the collection blends Couture inspiration with contemporary culture elements. The denim offer, for instance, is particularly elevated.

As always, the collection carries a strong message. The elevated construction of the garments (structured shoulders, hotfix) shows that clothing inspired by technology can create a rare and new elegance, expressing even more individuality and character.

Christelle Kocher: This collection was a chance for me to think about the future of clothing. Technology and Fashion can push boundaries, but it will make sense only if this mix allows people to express their uniqueness and who they really are.

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