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Latimmier SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Latimmier SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Positions of power

Corporate executives, stock brokers, money, power, glory. Our 4th collection was in- spired by archetypes of men in power presented and idolized in North-American film and television.

Specifically we were inspired by Martin Scorceses depiction of money-making-mas- culinity in his 2013 film Wolf of Wall Street and a story* published on the business section of The Guardian on April 7th 2023 by Arwa Mahadawi, titled 30 under 30-year sentences: why so many of Forbes young heroes face jail. Both of these provided a fascinating look at the perception of success and how it relates to the perception of masculinity.

Our creative director Ervin Latimer, with the help of his team, delved into a world where everything is for sale and money is the judge, jury and executioner. A world where ones attire is a direct reflection of ones status.

These themes are reflected literally in prints that are based on our real life invoices from debt collection agencies and line motifs based on the stock value of the Lehman Brothers until the market crash of 2008, as well as more figuratively in silhouettes that lean on a seductive, yet slashed and shredded take on corporate masculinity and tailoring.

Lightweight cotton poplins and summer quality merino wool twills are paired with luscious naturally dyed leathers and silks and finished off with bonded fringes and intricate mesh intarsia knitwear.

Leonardo DiCaprios character Jordan Belforts last words in the movie Wolf of Wall Street are Sell me this pen. Collection No. 4 POSITIONS OF POWER is our sar- torial take on the thinking behind that statement.

Latimmier - for the performance of masculinities

Runway looks

24Fashion TV Latimmier SS24 001 1691852397 jpg24Fashion TV Latimmier SS24 002 1691852401 jpg24Fashion TV Latimmier SS24 003 1691852404 jpg24Fashion TV Latimmier SS24 004 1691852407 jpg24Fashion TV Latimmier SS24 005 1691852412 jpg24Fashion TV Latimmier SS24 006 1691852415 jpg24Fashion TV Latimmier SS24 007 1691852418 jpg24Fashion TV Latimmier SS24 008 1691852421 jpg24Fashion TV Latimmier SS24 009 1691852425 jpg24Fashion TV Latimmier SS24 010 1691852428 jpg

Photo: Press Latimmier

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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