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MUNTHE AW24 during Copenhagen Fashion Week

MUNTHE Fall-Winter 2024 COLLECTION at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Munthe is a conscious heritage brand merging fashion with art. Founded back in 1994 in Copenhagen by Creative Director Naja Munthe as an artistic and craft-focused antidote to the contemporary fashion industry, known for its consciously curated styles rooted in art.

The essence of Munthe is the serenity every style is made with. From carefully selected, high-quality fabrics to delicate details in coating and lining, from tight and neatly construction to a commitment to low-impact production. For Munthe aesthetic is holistically: It is important that the clothes are not only pleasing on the outside, but also on the inside - as well as being responsibly produced.

Another signature of Munthe is the conceptual embodiment of contradictions and contrasts: soft silhouettes with a tailored touch makes for versatile styles that work across multiple occasions depending on how you style them. Timeless and expressive wardrobe staples rooted in art and craftsmanship.

A major part of Munthe's sustainability ambition is geared towards the design and production of their products. Munthe continually improve their sustainability performance by being conscious of selecting sustainable materials and production processes and following up with the suppliers.

Munthe want you to be proud of the products, their quality and how they are made - and think that they should maintain a critical sourcing, seeking to make gradual progress to choose more sustainable fabrics.

The sustainability requirements are an integrated part of the business strategy. It is composed of the Munthe policy framework; CSR strategy, Code of Conduct, preferred material list, animal welfare - and a climate, travel, packaging, wrapping & purchase policy.

Beyond the compliance obligations they have set up for themselves, they are committed to meet the binding requirements between Munthe and all relevant people involved.

Runway Looks

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Photo: Press Munthe

More on: @muntheofficial

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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