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Munthe SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Munthe SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week


There is a special feeling that emerges when one walks into an art gallery and witnesses multiple artists work displayed in a unified environment. The individual creations of different artists might not initially match, but when meticulously curated, they come together in harmony.

In this collection, we weave a tapestry of rich elements - textiles, art prints, styles, and palettes - much like an art exhibition, where each piece, self-assured, flourishes alone while flourishing even brighter within the collective. Creating a unique experience was a driving force behind the Spring Summer 2024 collection. For me, it is an endeavor to stretch the limits of the mind, igniting inspiration that knows no boundaries.

- Naja Munthe, Creative Director and Founder of MUNTHE.


The Spring Summer 2024 Collection is inspired by the before mentioned art gallery feeling much like we present every Monday with our Art Monday concept. A concept where we through a digital art gallery are sharing and supporting female artists. The Spring Summer 2024 Collection builds on this same principle; the alignment of art and female empowerment.

This season we are collaborating with New York-based artist Heather J. Chontos and London- based artist Aline Gaiad. A collaboration that is expressed through an edgy, graphic donkey print, as well as colorful blue and red art pieces on styles like soft dresses, cool blouses and feminine skirts.

Furthermore, the collection offers sumptuous woven fabrics, resplendent sequins, patchwork denim, vivid patterns, and intricate jacquard patterns a meeting of concept and ideas that normally wouldnt occur, but through careful curation, they come together for a higher purpose.

Introduced in the collection is also the new MUNTHE emblem, a testament to elegance and luxury, adorned with mirrored letters M, gracing the new accessories, and elevating the collection to unprecedented heights.

Runway looks

24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 001 1691868419 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 002 1691868423 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 003 1691868427 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 004 1691868430 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 005 1691868434 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 006 1691868437 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 007 1691868441 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 008 1691868444 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 009 1691868448 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 010 1691868453 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 011 1691868457 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 012 1691868460 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 013 1691868463 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 014 1691868467 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 015 1691868470 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 016 1691868474 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 017 1691868477 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 018 1691868481 jpg24Fashion TV Munthe SS24 019 1691868484 jpg

Photo: Press Munthe

More on: @muntheofficial

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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