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Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week



The ultimate muse. Taking inspiration from the relationship between danish painter Gerda Wegener and her wife Lili Elbe. Gerda Wegener painted Lili Elbe in many of her works throughout their life portrayed both as her wife and as an idolized muse. Collaborating with performance artist Britt Liberg for his debut show of Collection 07, Nicklas Skovgaard works with Britt Liberg as being the ultimate muse for both the collection and for the show, Britt is the only real model among 16 naturalistic mannequins. Nicklas Skov- gaard created the collection whilst imagining how Britt Liberg as the ultimate muse would paint a picture of collection 07; how she interacts with the mannequins during her performance whilst dressing and un- dressing, being in movement and standing still, wearing garments in new and subverted ways.


Back in early Spring when I started working on what I envisioned for my debut show for Collection 07, I immediately knew that I wanted it to be a collaboration between Amsterdam-based performance artist Britt Liberg and myself. Ever since I saw Britt perform for the first time I felt so fascinated by how she was able to show and bring to life new details of garments that I never would have have noticed. She gave clothes a new meaning in my opinion. Britt Libergs showcase of Collection 07 together with all the vinta- ge sourced mannequins is my idea of Britt being the ultimate muse for the collection. She presents the dreamlike state and fantasy that clothes can inspire in very real setting being my first fashion show. I really see the interplay between Britt Liberg reflecting life into the mannequins wearing the collection, and I see the mannequins reflecting life back into Britt Liberg.

Key pieces

Hand-woven short jackets with zippers. Hand-woven pieces featuring ostrich feather trim. Lace dresses with belt straps. Heavily draped jersey dresses and skirts. Off-shoulder jersey dresses with smocked lambskin leather.


Handmade materials mixed with contradictory fabrications. Hand-woven wool and shimmer yarn mixed with memory taffeta. Brushed hand-woven wool and mohair alongside lambskin. Hand-woven wool and mohair with ostrich feather trim applied by hand. All hand-woven fabrications are made locally in Nicklas Skovgaards studio in Copenhagen using a 1939 rigid heddle loom. Other materials used for the col- lection; Heavily draped stretch jersey. Oilskin. Corduroy. Sequin. Smocked lambskin. Silk organza. Sto- newash denim. Vinyl. Lace. Velvet.

Runway looks

24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 001 1691923057 jpg24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 002 1691923061 jpg24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 003 1691923065 jpg24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 004 1691923068 jpg24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 005 1691923071 jpg24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 006 1691923074 jpg24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 007 1691923077 jpg24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 008 1691923079 jpg24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 009 1691923082 jpg24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 010 1691923085 jpg24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 011 1691923088 jpg24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 012 1691923091 jpg24Fashion TV Nicklas Skovgaard SS24 013 1691923094 jpg

Photo: Press Nicklas Skovgaard

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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