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P.L.N. SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

P.L.N. SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

P.L.N. is a personal project exploring a raw and uncompromising visual expression. P.L.N. was founded by Peter Lundvald Nielsen in 2020.Though based in Copenhagen, the aesthetic finds itself walking through the sentiments of disparate subcultures and their unbridled attitudes from all over the world. Rooted in the individuals search and longing for companionship through a disruption of norms with no other reason than a desire to understand something.. different. Curiosity leads to an experimental play with silhouettes and proportions through craftsmanship. Each garment is an invitation to wear the piece intuitively and approach expression through exploration.


In the trajectory of P.L.N.s life so far, this collection marks an important step in more ways than one. As the third and final show as a part of the NEWTALENT programme, the show is the conclusion of the trilogy of shows presented during CPHFW. Simultaneously, the third collection marks the launch of the new journey ahead.

The P.L.N. SS24 collection has a distinct focus on obscure silhouettes, encouraging the individual wearer to interpret the garment. A play between thought and reality. Individuality is somehow a distortion of a reality unknown, we all create our own. The collection aims to build a loop of interpretationsa garment created from one interpretation of a perceived reality becomes another through the lens of the next person.

Peter Lundvald Nielsen says: I have a very big desire to make clothes where people have to absorb and define what they see for themselves.


Being one of the pillars of the brand, P.L.N. continues to have a strong focus on craftsmanship. Up until this point, P.L.N. has strictly been a made-to-order brand. With a wish to let the vision grow and reach more people, P.L.N. is now offering ready-to-wear items, and with a growing production comes an equally growing responsibility. To meet this responsibility, P.L.N. is working with European manufacturers in Portugal, Ukraine, Brussels, and Italy. P.L.N. produces in low quantities to ensure that garments are not left unused. For this collection, we work with locally sourced organic and renewable materials, such as organic cotton and renewable acetate, to put as little weight as possible on the environment..


The P.L.N. SS24 collection is shown in Nikolaj Kunsthal, in the heart of Copenhagen. With all its serenity and divinity, presence is required. These blissful surroundings, shielding from buzzing everyday life outside the church walls, allow for a space of full attention. In the extremities of polarities, we wish to overwhelm you. The P.L.N. SS24 RUNWAY SHOW is presented and produced by inter.agcy that has work in close partnership since the launch of P.L.N. The show is realised in collaboration many talents such as: Stylist Morgan Johnson; Graphic Designer Emily Garland; Sound Artist Sausha De La Ossa; and Light Design Philip Sacht.

Runway looks

24Fashion TV P L N SS24 001 1692011686 jpg24Fashion TV P L N SS24 002 1692011689 jpg24Fashion TV P L N SS24 003 1692011692 jpg24Fashion TV P L N SS24 004 1692011695 jpg24Fashion TV P L N SS24 005 1692011698 jpg24Fashion TV P L N SS24 006 1692011701 jpg24Fashion TV P L N SS24 007 1692011704 jpg24Fashion TV P L N SS24 008 1692011707 jpg24Fashion TV P L N SS24 009 1692011710 jpg24Fashion TV P L N SS24 010 1692011713 jpg24Fashion TV P L N SS24 011 1692011716 jpg

Photo: Press P.L.N.

More on: @pln.official

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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