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Stine Goya SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Stine Goya SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week


For Spring-Summer 2024 Stine Goya invites the world to her doorstep in Copenhagen, celebrating the joy of day-to-day life in the city. Exploring the concept of home , honing in and reflecting on its deeper meaning, for a collection entitled Homecoming .Home is not always a place. Sometimes it can be a person, a community or even a feeling. It is a sanctuary where we find grounding, inspiration, safety, and acceptance. It transcends boundaries and embraces diverse forms, from cherished relationships to vibrant communities and intangible emotions. Where authenticity thrives, allowing us to be our truest selves. Somewhere we prepare for the day ahead, eventually returning to reflect upon the world outside, processing what we have explored, seen or done throughout the day gone by. Our SS24 show aims to encapsulate all that home symbolises, bringing together new and old faces from the House of Goya community, who walk alongside models on the runway for a unique and shared experience on Eckersbergsgade. A community dinner table, set in the centre of the runway, pays homage to the street parties that Copenhagen is so well known for, set with place settings provided by the real-life residents of the street, embracing the wider community as a collective.My desire for this show is to encourage our audience to contemplate the significance of home as an emotional anchor in our lives. Its a place where we find belonging, solace, and support. Home is not confined to a specific location; it can manifest in the arms of a loved one, the laughter of family and friends, or the embrace of a community. Homecoming is an invitation to cherish the meaning of home in all its facets - a physical shelter and a heartfelt emotional connection.- Stine Goya, Creative DirectorAfter several seasons of newness and experimentation, Stine Goya harks back to the references and stylings from her early years as a designer. Bringing the brands well-established essence to the fore with a contemporary twist, while cherishing her home country of Denmark.Elegance is at the forefront of this undeniably fresh collection. This seasons prints are playful and sentimental, an underlying essence of the brands roots and the journey taken to where we are today. Local flowers from roses and daisies to Stines favourite orchids, found at her local flower shop have been cleverly amplified into bold and beautiful prints. An arresting combination of colours is carried across the collection from powerful pinks, soothing blue hues and delicate lilacs. Print, whilst still core to the brands DNA, has been paired back, enabling the silhouettes and detailing to take centre stage. I am always looking forward. Working on the next collection and seeking inspiration from around me. I rarely take the time to reflect on our journey as a brand. For Spring-Summer 2024 I felt the overwhelming urge to do just that. Taking a moment to look back on our development and delve into some of my early styling references which really did feel like a homecoming. And while it started with reflection, this collection feels modern and fresh. I naturally always lean into my love for colour and print however, it has been amazing to really explore more intricate details and finishing touches, looking at print with a more subtle approach, whilst staying true to our DNA.

Runway looks

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Photo: Press Stine Goya

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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