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UJOH FW24 AW 24 during Paris Fashion Week

UJOH Fall-Winter 2024/2025 COLLECTION during Paris Fashion Week

Bruce Webers work Men & Women, photographed in the 1980s, shows the enjoyment of being wrapped in cloth, and displays a graceful and exotic use of fabrics.

The movements of the cloth, the way it sways, the generous and luxurious mood shown in his pictures became hints for Ujohs interpretation of luxury in their new collection.

Square-shaped drapes and fringes cut from the collar and hem.

Constructive tailoring in doeskin, a smoking cloth used for formal wear, and functional wear in glossy nylon taffeta that floats amidst matte-textured wool.

Generous and fluid volumes contrasting with a structured tailoring.

Layering of bottoms and dresses, scarves mingled with sleeves and separated skirts that can be worn on either side like a tablier.

A luxurious and contemporary nomad style created by free layering.

Styled with a mix of nuanced colors such as moss gray, ebony, steel gray, and greige, topaz, dusty purple, and mulberry for the color scheme

Brand Profile

After years of experience as pattern makers, Mitsuru Nishizaki and ACO established the brand UJOH in 2009. The brand, while respecting clean outlines, introduces a fresh approach to the art of tailoring, deliberately breaking conventions with asymmetrical and daring cuts.

UJOHs elegant and sophisticated universe is crafted through the brands exploration of the intricate relationship between body and clothing. Reflecting the brands technical expertise, their collections combine innovative shapes that work in harmony with the human form. Small details are continuously reworked, offering unique styling and layering possibilities.

In 2019, they launched their men's line. Consciously incorporating details from core elements of clothing tradition such as uniform and military, it remains true to their focus on genuine tailoring.

UJOH made their debut at Paris Fashion Week with their 2021 Fall/Winter Collection and have since continued to present their latest creations in Paris with a global vision.

Runway Looks

24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 001 copy 1709751078 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 002 copy 1709751082 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 003 copy 1709751084 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 004 copy 1709751087 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 005 copy 1709751090 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 006 copy 1709751094 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 007 copy 1709751098 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 008 copy 1709751100 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 009 copy 1709751103 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 010 copy 1709751106 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 011 copy 1709751110 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 012 copy 1709751112 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 013 copy 1709751117 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 014 copy 1709751120 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 015 copy 1709751123 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 016 copy 1709751126 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 017 copy 1709751129 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 018 copy 1709751133 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 019 copy 1709751136 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 020 copy 1709751139 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 021 copy 1709751142 jpg24Fashion TV Ujoh FW24 022 1709751145 jpg

Photo: Press Ujoh

More on: @ujoh.official

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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