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XIAOLI FW 2024 during Shanghai Fashion Week

XIAOLI Autumn Winter 2024 Collection during Shanghai Fashion Week

In XIAOLIs 24AW collection, were enveloped in a symphony of life thats both breezy and joyous. This season, with its palette of warm, desaturated colors, constructs a narrative of relaxed, comfortable living, hitting a sweet spot of peace & love thats both cozy and liberating. The pieces are infused with a softness and warmth that cradle you into comfort and relaxation, radiating a love for life and a rich, palpable vivacity that gently bathes us in a delicate, soothing, sun-kissed tranquility. Through the use of color, the collection invites us to experience relaxation, effortlessly embodying elegance and a nonchalant, fashionable demeanor.

The collection features vases with eye-catching flowers, blossoms brimming with joyous inspiration that celebrate the comfort of daily life through scenes tinged with nostalgia, merging a strong cinematic quality with warm hues in perfect harmony. It focuses on cozy, everyday life scenarios through illustrations, recreating a sense of home with natural, feminine, still life, and warm tones. Through an aesthetic and nostalgic touch, it rekindles a comfortable sensation, warming the depths of our souls in the most touching way.

The art of beading and sequin embroidery, with its bling-bling effect, offers healing and satisfaction. Utilizing hollow beads, synthetic gems, and other materials embroidered onto clothing, combining different beads with vibrant, mottled colors, and through meticulously crafted designs, it unveils the beauty of endless possibilities.

The delicate, dreamy micro-art of tiny, clear beads is expressed through exquisite craftsmanship. The dimensional and luxurious effects add luster and unique textures, reminiscent of a splendid painting blossoming under starlight, with vibrant bead embroidery sprinkled throughout like twinkling stars, transforming every detail into a masterpiece of art, a colorful dreamscape that allows beauty to bloom ceaselessly. Each bead in the designers hands sparkles with a unique light.

In design, the collection relies on basic styles and neat tailoring as its foundation, with cleverly arranged beading and sequins embroidered evenly across the fabric, adding detailed embellishments at the hem or throughout the garment, enriching the silhouette with brilliance and fun, elevating the intrigue and fashion-forward essence of each piece.

Runway Looks

24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 001 copy 1711912265 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 002 copy 1711912269 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 003 copy 1711912272 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 004 copy 1711912275 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 005 copy 1711912279 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 006 copy 1711912282 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 007 copy 1711912286 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 008 copy 1711912289 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 009 copy 1711912294 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 010 copy 1711912298 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 011 copy 1711912301 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 012 copy 1711912304 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 013 copy 1711912308 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 014 copy 1711912312 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 015 copy 1711912315 jpg24Fashion TV XIAOLI 24AW 016 1711912318 jpg

Photo: Press XIAOLI

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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