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Direct Energy Fund Open to Investments From Accredited Investors; Invito Energy Partners Fund Focuses on Tax Deductions

 Invito Energy Partners, LLC (IEP), an energy investment management firm, has announced the launch of a $25 million private energy fund. The new fund is focused on providing accredited investors access to direct investments into drilling of oil and natural gas wells, and will predominantly be investing in both operated and non-operated projects in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

"We are excited to be offering a solution to investors and advisors who are looking to diversify investment portfolios away from the public stock and bond markets with the recent declines and volatility," said Steve Blackwell, CEO of Invito Energy Partners. 


IEP provides accredited and high net worth investors directly or through their financial advisors the opportunity to invest, through a partnership structure, directly into oil and gas wells. Tax advantages are available to investors on a pass-through basis, thereby offering some of the most robust tax breaks among all investment types. 

"Direct Energy Investments are a great way to diversify a portfolio with an investment that is traditionally not correlated to the equity markets, while offering a strategy to lower individual income tax liability," said Blackwell.

Process and Team

As General Partner, IEP will provide the fund with deal sourcing and an experienced technical team who will actively manage the fund's investment selection process and diversification strategy within the fund. 

"We have cultivated a significant pipeline of opportunities that are either undervalued or do not have the resources to effectively develop their assets," said Jared Christianson, President of IEP. "Coupled with a technical team that has deep experience in all the necessary disciplines and across every major basin in the lower 48, we see an opportunity to put capital to work inside carefully selected investments that generate excellent returns." 

About Invito Energy Partners

Founded in 2019, Invito Energy Partners LLC serves as a general partner to its direct energy funds. Co-founders Steve Blackwell and Jared Christianson have extensive history in the oil and gas sector. They have worked together at two separate companies and have developed a highly disciplined process of asset evaluation, fund management, and project execution that has generated top tier returns for investors.




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Original Source: Direct Energy Fund Open to Investments From Accredited Investors; Invito Energy Partners Fund Focuses on Tax Deductions
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