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READOUT: Under Secretary Brian Nelson’s Roundtable with Humanitarian Groups

WASHINGTON – Today, Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian E. Nelson convened a roundtable with representatives of non-governmental organizations, international organizations, and U.S. government implementers to discuss the facilitation of legitimate humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza.

Treasury continues to support the flow of vital humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people under existing authorizations for humanitarian-related activity.  Today, all U.S. sanctions programs, including Treasury’s counterterrorism sanctions, have carveouts to protect the flow of humanitarian assistance to civilians.  These authorizations remain in full effect.  This effort builds on Treasury’s findings from its 2021 Sanctions Review, its efforts at the United Nations to adopt humanitarian carveouts for UN sanctions, and its work to address financial sector de-risking as outlined in Treasury’s 2023 De-Risking Strategy.

During the roundtable, Under Secretary Nelson reiterated his condemnation of Hamas’ heinous attacks on October 7th and the critical need to deny them the resources necessary to commit acts of terror. He described how Hamas has raised funds through entities that present themselves outwardly as charities, but in reality, operate as fronts for the group’s fundraising. Treasury has acted to identify and designate sham charities to protect the critical NGO and humanitarian sector from diversion and abuse.  

Under Secretary Nelson heard from roundtable participants about challenges in delivering aid in Gaza and access to financial services.  He shared Treasury’s commitment to ensuring that U.S. sanctions do not stand in the way of legitimate humanitarian activities in Gaza, and to working proactively with the private sector and humanitarian actors to make sure humanitarian activities continue.


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