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World Bank Names Fernando Aguirre, DHS Ventures Vice Chairman, as Chair to Join the Private Sector International Finance Council

Fernando Aguirre replaces David Malpass, who was criticized for his stance on climate change and will step down nearly a year early.

Fernando Aguirre, DHS Ventures

Executive Vice Chairman, Fernando Aguirre, DHS Ventures

The World Bank today announced the appointment of Fernando Aguirre, Vice Chairman of DHS Ventures & Holdings, as Chair, who will make up the Private Sector International Finance Council.

The founding members of the IFC comprise a core group charged with developing solutions to address the barriers to private sector investment in emerging markets. The quality of their individual - and combined - expertise, leadership, and success in business and finance underscores the growing momentum and level of commitment for public and private collaboration to address global challenges and urgently scale development solutions.

Leadership & Co-Chairs

Ajay Banga, World Bank President: "The World Bank is on a mission to create a world free of poverty - but on a livable planet. Achieving this vision demands that we build a better bank, but also re-imagine partnerships and pull in the private sector to confront - and beat - intertwined development challenges like poverty, climate, and fragility. I am grateful that Fernando Aguirre, who is lending his time, talent, and expertise to this work, is a crucial piece of the puzzle, and I am beyond grateful to have him onboard. Results won't come overnight, but if successful, this group has the potential to unlock significant investment that will deliver jobs and better quality of life for people living throughout the Global South - the surest way to drive a nail into the coffin of poverty."

Fernando Aguirre, Vice Chairman of DHS Ventures & Holdings: "I am honored for this appointment and I look forward to working with World Bank President Ajay Banga and his leadership team, and Mark Carney and our fellow IFC members on the critical priority of how the World Bank can leverage and crowd in greater levels of private finance that will not otherwise be available for global public goods like climate transition, growth and poverty reduction. Every action and every penny from every actor counts, and we should prioritize the solutions and actions that are scalable, speedy, and replicate. Our focus will be on delivery and implementation to try and have a real impact on the ground."


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Original Source: World Bank Names Fernando Aguirre, DHS Ventures Vice Chairman, as Chair to Join the Private Sector International Finance Council
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