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AARDVARK Presents: The Debrief Season 2 Finale With a Delta Norge Team Member

This week marks the final episode of Season 2 of The Debrief with Jon Becker. In this must-listen episode, Jon interviews a Delta Norge team member who was part of the response to the July 22, 2011 Norwegian terror attacks. The episode offers a critical incident review of this unprecedented attack and shares the lessons learned from the incident response.

The terror attacks that took place in July 2011 in Oslo, Norway shook the country. A right-wing extremist detonated an 1,800-lb bomb under the primary government building in Oslo, killing eight and injuring hundreds. Following the explosion, the attacker took a ferry to a small island which was home to a summer camp for children and young adults ages 13-22. Upon reaching the island, he made his way around the camp, shooting everyone he encountered. In total, 71 people died and over 200 were injured on the island.

The complexity of the attack, combined with the logistical difficulties and available resources, created numerous difficult problems for responders. Looking back on the incident, there are clear lessons learned, which are discussed in the episode. In this episode, listeners will hear a first-hand account of the events that took place that day and how the response was evaluated in the days following.

Because of current assignments and the nature of the team, this team member’s name and likeness will not be shared. Their compelling and insightful account is a can’t-miss finale to The Debrief’s second season. 

The Debrief will launch its third season in January 2024. In response to listener demand, the third season will see a return to video podcasts. Some episodes will remain audio-only to respect the privacy of certain guests. This season will also feature an all-new studio to support the listener-requested return to video. Stay tuned for more details, including the official launch date and podcast guests in the coming weeks.

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Original Source: AARDVARK Presents: The Debrief Season 2 Finale With a Delta Norge Team Member
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