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Crestwood Cuts the Cord With the Grid, Embracing Fonroche Solar Lighting

Improves Park Lighting, While Saving Money

Whitecliff Park - Solar Street Lights

Solar street lighting in Whitecliff Park replaces aging grid lights.

Earlier this year, the City of Crestwood made the decision to revamp the outdated lighting infrastructure in White Cliff Park by transitioning to Fonroche Solar Street Lighting. Established in 1971, White Cliff Park is an important social hub for Crestwood, Mo. Protecting 40 acres of wooded terrain, the park also accommodates various amenities, including administrative offices, indoor fitness and recreation facilities, meeting rooms, picnic areas, and more. Given the park's continuous activity into the night, efficient lighting is critical.

When the existing lighting system faltered this year, it became evident that mere repairs to the underground infrastructure would be insufficient. The required solution called for a complete overhaul, necessitating the replacement of aged underground cables and conduits. Undertaking that project would incur substantial expenses related to trenching, wiring, and repaving. Moreover, the project's magnitude posed the risk of disrupting park activities, exacerbating traffic congestion, and potentially affecting the mature landscape. It became clear that Solar lighting was the best option, avoiding the disruption and expense of electrical wiring replacement.

The economic benefits don't end there—LED solar-powered lighting will reduce maintenance costs. HID lamps require periodic re-lamping, compounded by the need for ad hoc repairs due to their advanced age. In contrast, the newly introduced LED luminaires have a service life surpassing 20 years, while the batteries are engineered to function optimally for a minimum of 10 years before requiring replacement. Furthermore, the transition to solar power eliminates the burden of electric utility bills.

To allay concerns pertaining to light pollution and disruption to wildlife in parks, Fonroche offers fixtures approved by DarkSky International. These fixtures effectively mitigate light pollution and minimize the emission of blue light, safeguarding the park's ecosystem.

Given all the benefits of solar street lighting, the city unanimously endorsed the transition to this eco-friendly solution. The initiative involved the replacement of access road and parking lot lighting with 38 Fonroche SmartLight solar-powered lighting systems. Eilien Ramirez, the Director of Parks and Recreation, approves, asserting, "The lights are much better than what we had."

While parks are typically associated with recreational enjoyment, safety remains a top concern. White Cliff Park serves as a dynamic space where vehicles, bikes, children, and pets interact—in other words, a setting where visibility is critical to preventing accidents. Adequate lighting also reduces the risk of slips and falls and provides a sense of security.

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Original Source: Crestwood Cuts the Cord With the Grid, Embracing Fonroche Solar Lighting
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