Sunday, October 1, 2023 Partners With Billon to Offer Its Unprecedented Compliance Documentation Registry Over Blockchain

The partnership will provide secured compliance documentation search and verification over platform and the Billon Unified Blockchain.

FINDINGS.CO, the supply chain automation company, announced today that it is officially partnered with Billon - the leading high-performance and regulatory-compliant blockchain to supply global customers with innovative documentation data sharing, storing, and validation for B2B compliance purposes over web 3.0.

B2B compliance is a rapidly growing pain as regulation and supply chain concerns are constantly growing, manually handled, difficult to manage, and fraught with risk. customers will now be able to search across millions of verified compliance documents and receive certificates of existence, verification, and expiration - while requesting and accessing them securely. Every verified document will be published in Billon Unified Blockchain as a block - disclosing its existence while maintaining the document itself exposable only within's encrypted environment.

" has been successfully serving its supply chain customers to date," said Jacek Figula, Chief Commercial Officer of Billon. "Today, moves its evidence management services to Web 3.0, signing a partnership agreement with Billon. The solution will soon allow the documents and data sharing, storing, and validation over the Billon Unified Blockchain. Customers will gain unprecedented security, reliability,  and traceability, along with the solution's openness and ease of access."

"Billon partnership will bring blockchain technology to the supply chain compliance management space. This will allow for secure document verification and trust-building between all parties involved in the global supply chain ecosystem," said Kobi Freedman, CEO and Co-founder of "The use of blockchain technology will help ensure compliance with all regulations, building trust between all participants in a transparent and highly secure way. "

Who could benefit from the Billon and web partnership?

Consulting firms, certification bodies, managed services, and the supply chain partners themselves will now be able to search and verify evidence existence and expiration - in a fraction of the cost and time. Vendors will be able to verify their evidence once, and in turn, will save time and costs complying with their ever-growing regulatory requirements. 

For more information on's solutions, please feel free to contact Findings at:

[email protected]

To learn more about Billon, please visit

Contact Information:
Yogev Kimor
VP of Marketing
[email protected]

Original Source: Partners With Billon to Offer Its Unprecedented Compliance Documentation Registry Over Blockchain
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Total Directional Services Announces Acquisition of Tally Energy Services’ Northeast Operations

Total Directional Services Accelerates Growth with Strategic Acquisition of Tally Energy Services' Northeast Operations

Total Directional Services Announces Acquisition of Tally Energy Services’ Northeast Operations
Total Directional Services Logo

Total Directional Services Logo

Total Directional Services, LLC., a leading provider of innovative drilling and directional services, is thrilled to announce the strategic acquisition of Tally Energy Services's Northeast Operations. The transaction will be completed on September 25, 2023.

This acquisition represents a significant milestone in Total Directional Services' mission to enhance our service offerings, expand our footprint, and deliver even greater value to our clients in the energy sector.

Tally Energy Services has built a strong reputation for delivering cutting-edge technology and expertise in drilling and completions. With the addition of Tally Energy Services' Northeast Operations, Total Directional Services is poised to further strengthen its position as an industry leader in the directional drilling market.

"This acquisition is a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier directional drilling services to our clients," said Nathan Koshman, CEO/President for Total Directional Services. "Tally Energy Services has an exceptional team. We are excited to welcome their talented employees and integrate their expertise into our operations." The acquisition aligns perfectly with Total Directional Services' strategic growth plans. It will enable the company to offer a more comprehensive suite of services to its clients across the Northeast region. It will also enhance the company's ability to address the evolving needs of the energy industry.

As part of this acquisition, Total Directional Services will take over Tally Energy Services' NE facilities, equipment, and intellectual property, further enhancing its capabilities in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to its clients.

"We are confident that this acquisition will bring about a new era of growth and excellence for Total Directional Services," said Nathan Koshman. "We remain dedicated to innovation, safety, and the highest service quality standards. This strategic move strengthens our ability to serve our clients with industry-leading performance and positions us for sustained success."

Total Directional Services would like to thank its employees, clients, and partners for their ongoing support and trust. Total looks forward to leveraging this acquisition to continue delivering superior directional drilling services to all their operators in every major U.S. Basin.

For more information about Total Directional Services and its comprehensive range of services, please visit

About Total Directional Services:

Total Directional Services is a leading MWD and directional drilling service provider. With a commitment to innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction, Total Directional Services delivers reliable solutions tailored to its clients' needs.

Disclaimer: Any statements in this press release that are not statements of historical fact, including statements regarding the expected benefits of the acquisition, are forward-looking statements that involve various risks and uncertainties. There can be no assurance that such statements will be accurate, and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements.

Contact Information:
Ali Hotto
Director of Marketing
[email protected]

Original Source: Total Directional Services Announces Acquisition of Tally Energy Services' Northeast Operations
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