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GWSO is Moving Forward to Become a Leader in Green Tech With Transformative Technology

TEMECULA, Calif. - November 22, 2022 - (

Global Warming Solutions, Inc. (OTC: GWSO), a global developer of green technologies that help to mitigate the effects of climate change, wants to congratulate its shareholders on this monumental achievement with the successful completion of testing its new and revolutionary battery technology, which was referred to as a "microelectrochemical power source". GWSO proudly announces that test results have far exceeded technical and operational expectations.

The tests were conducted under Dr. Madatov's direction in conjunction with the AQST USA, Inc. team at their Nissan Parkway Canton-MS facility. After rigorous testing, they confirmed that this "microelectrochemical power source" technology is much more advanced than any existing lithium-ion or sodium batteries. Moreover, based on the test results, the design demonstrates that the new GWSO technology will be safer, cleaner, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly. With a broad spectrum of applications, more than any other technology in their category, this new technology is truly transformative and will reshape multiple market segments related to renewables, batteries, hydrogen fuels, and environmental reconditioning, among others.

Unlike any other existing technology in the market, GWSO "microelectrochemical power source" is a multi-source power system capable of:

1. Accepting, storing, and releasing electric current as a conventional battery

2. Producing pure hydrogen fuel on demand.

3. Producing and releasing pure oxygen on demand for multiple practical applications

The GWSO "microelectrochemical power source" is modular to be adaptable to be used in electric vehicles and trucks, hydrogen vehicles and trucks, ships propelled by hydrogen turbines, zero-emissions power sources for buildings and homes, a green alternative to power and produce oxygen on demand for hospitals and wellness centers, provide hydrogen for turbines to generate "on-site" power for water treatment plants and public facilities, and virtually everywhere that requires power, hydrogen or oxygen. 

This system is a new technology developed to provide solutions for a broad spectrum of applications and possibilities attached to people's daily lives. One example is the use in residential homes. The GWSO "microelectrochemical power source" will entirely power a typical home without the dependence on a costly power distribution grid or other intermittent sources hassles. Also, the system produces hydrogen fuel on demand for cars, electric generators, and other internal combustion hydrogen engines, turbines, and equipment. Finally, the same technology can provide a large volume of oxygen to be released into houses or neighborhoods to improve the environment and the families' quality of life. This transformative technology that will be the future of mobile and on-site multi-sources energy systems perfectly aligns with the GWSO mission by promising zero-emission solutions to support U.S. energy independence.

"During the testing of the industrial design battery, we found that the output of the electrical current and hydrogen from the battery can be increased dozens of times compared to the values we theoretically calculated from the results of the laboratory sample testing. This improvement was possible due to the thermal stabilization subsystem in the battery. Testing the battery operation in each temperature range allowed us to see the maximum use of the battery energy potential. Based on these results, we can produce batteries in much smaller sizes and masses than previously expected for implementation into electric vehicles," stated Artem Madatov, Chief Science Officer GWSO.

"When we started this project, we had big expectations about the possibilities and capabilities of the technology. We expected to obtain results better than previous tests and calculations. But we never expected many times better results than those previously recorded. The production of hydrogen was dozens of times greater than previous results. The voltage and current generated were higher than any previous results and calculations. And the system was capable to produced oxygen in large quantities. This device is a multi-purpose energy unit that generates zero-emissions electricity, hydrogen fuel, and large amounts of oxygen for practical uses to improve the environment. With these new results, we will build a smaller, lighter, and safer battery using abundant materials produced and manufactured in the United States," stated Raymond Caldas, CEO AQST USA, Inc.

After better-than-expected experimental results, AQST USA, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company with a team of highly experienced professionals in government contracts and government programs to support R&D and manufacturing, will work hand-to-hand at a fast pace with GWSO to introduce the technology to multiple departments and government agencies to effectively support the "Driving the Clean Energy Transition: Implementing U.S. Efforts to Advance Clean Energy" with GWSO's 100% made in America products and technologies.

The President of GWSO, Michael Pollastro states, "I could not be more pleased with the successful results that we achieved. I want to thank Dr. Madatov and AQST for their nonstop work. The completion of testing advances us to the next phase. Our partners have perfectly enabled us to rapidly penetrate multiple multi-billion markets, which will concurrently increase our shareholders' value."

Michael Pollastro


Global Warming Solutions Inc.

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Original Source: Author Doris Price Jacobs's New Book 'The Adventures of a Squirrel Named Gus' Follows the Adventures of a Bright-Eyed Squirrel as He Sets Off on an Important Mission
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