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LogoTags Division of Ball Chain Manufacturing Co., Inc. Celebrates History of Challenge Coins

Promotional Products Division Honors Meaning Behind Challenge Coins with 10% Discount on Custom Challenge Coins

LogoTags, the promotional products division of Ball Chain Manufacturing Co., Inc. (Ball Chain), appreciates the rich history behind challenge coins. Challenge coins, which typically bear an organization's insignia or distinct logo, were originally displayed as proof of membership. They remain an integral part of the culture in military and service departments across the nation. LogoTags provides a full range of custom promotional products, including challenge coins, dog tags, bottle openers, metal tags, lapel pins, key chains, silicone bracelets, and scores of other custom products. 

Ball Chain, a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business formed in 1938, is now the world's largest manufacturer of metal ball chains seen on military dog tags, ceiling fans, handbags, light pulls, etc. Ball Chain makes over 3-1/2 million feet of ball chains per week. All of these ball chains are made in the U.S.A., in Mount Vernon, New York, where the company operates its main production facilities, administrative offices, and customer service department. Ball Chain was the vision of Franz and Val Taubner, the current owners' great-grandfather and grandfather. The company started in a small garage behind the Taubner home in the Bronx, NY. It has a demonstrated commitment to the American worker and is proud to be the exclusive supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces for the ball chains used in the iconic dog tag ID necklace worn by servicemen and servicewomen.

Similar to Ball Chain's history, challenge coins hold a dynamic history with different origin stories circulating today. Challenge coin traditions have been used at all levels of the military, within police and fire departments, and even gifted to members of Congress or other positions of honor within the U.S. for years. Some claim these coins originated as early as the Roman Empire, being used as bonus pay for soldiers who were victorious in battle, while others claim that it was not until the more recent wars of the 20th century that these coins were minted and gifted to soldiers in the U.S. Army and beyond. The most popular theory is that, after having gifted these special coins to his fellow soldiers in his unit, a lieutenant's life was saved by his very coin being used to verify his identity after being captured in World War I. He needed to prove his status with the allies, and it was the insignia upon his "challenge coin" that convinced his captors of his identity, ultimately saving him from execution as a traitor. From this story and others like it, soldiers were instructed to always have their military challenge coins on their person so that they could present them whenever needed, just in case. 

The more modern tradition of "challenge coins" was born as soldiers would "challenge" each other to present their coins. If one failed to do so, they would have to pay for their challenger's drink or meal. If they were able to present it, then they would be treated to a drink or meal for free. This tradition continues today, along with the tradition of honor that these coins bring to their holders. 

Whether these coins were gifted by the Roman Empire or only more recently, their varying origins do not change the pride they hold today. The team at LogoTags understands how important these challenge coins are to both our history and our future, and that is why LogoTags is proud to create custom challenge coins as we honor their tradition. LogoTags is delighted to offer a 10% discount on custom challenge coins orders to all military branches and local first responders.

For more information about the different origin stories of challenge coins, refer to the LogoTags blog

"Ball Chain and its promotional products division, LogoTags, are committed to honoring the brave men and women who serve and protect our nation and its citizens. Challenge coins hold a special meaning for their owners, and we are proud to bring these custom coins to life," said Bill Taubner, Ball Chain President.

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Bill Taubner, President

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Priti Patel, Director of Marketing

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LogoTags, a division of Ball Chain Mfg. Co. Inc.

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Priti Patel
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Bill Taubner
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Original Source: LogoTags Division of Ball Chain Manufacturing Co., Inc. Celebrates History of Challenge Coins
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‘My Hometown’ Features ND Communities and Beyond

The beloved local TV show, "Ladies of Another View," is diving deep into the heart of North Dakota and its adjacent regions with its feature presentation, “My Hometown.” Dedicated to showcasing the rich tapestries of Northern living, “My Hometown” offers viewers an intimate look at the state’s hidden gems and beyond. The program can be viewed on select Wednesdays at 9am CT on BEK TV. For further viewing options online, or to learn how to find each archived episode, visit

Throughout the hour-long special, the Ladies traverse through the histories of these towns, illustrating how they've evolved over the decades and highlighting what makes them stand out in today's fast-paced world. By focusing on local traditions, achievements, and community spirit, the show ensures these stories resonate far and wide.

This initiative finds its home with BEK TV, a member-owned telecommunications cooperative with a long-standing belief that small towns form the very backbone of North Dakota. With the launch of “My Hometown,” BEK TV endeavors to remind viewers of the undeniable charm and significance of these communities, encouraging them to support and explore these towns in person.

"Ladies of Another View" continues its mission to bring forth discussions on pertinent topics and issues that influence daily life. It offers a fresh perspective, shedding light on information often overlooked by mainstream channels. Tune in to their regular broadcasts, weekdays at 4:30 pm CT, either on BEK TV or online.

BEK TV is the only North Dakota-owned broadcasting company remaining in the state and produces more local content than any other television station. It broadcasts statewide on television and across the world via internet. BEK TV consists of content from both BEK Sports and BEK News.

BEK TV is the largest television broadcaster of high school and collegiate athletics in the region, broadcasting nearly 400 live events each year. The network also is the state’s top producer of original news and opinion programming. BEK TV is the 2021 and 2022 winner of the Bismarck Tribune’s Best of the Best contest, selected by the public for “Best Television Station”.

Contact Information:
Julie Skaret
BEK Media Relations
[email protected]

Original Source: 'My Hometown' Features ND Communities and Beyond
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