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AirDroid Business Integrates With Google Android Enterprise; Brings Enhanced Security and Ease of Deployment to Customers

AirDroid Business

AirDroid Business

AirDroid Business, the leading mobile device management (MDM) solution for Android devices, today announced the integration with Android Enterprise, bringing enhanced security and ease of deployment to enterprise customers.

Android Enterprise is a suite of tools designed to help businesses securely deploy, manage and scale Android devices. With this integration, AirDroid Business now offers advanced MDM features such as:

  • Device enrollment through Android Enterprise - provides an easy-to-use setup process, allowing IT administrators to quickly configure and manage devices. 
  • Access to Managed Google Play Store - IT administrators can deploy apps without relying on public app stores, maintain control over app versions, updates, and security. 
  • New configurations for our Policy and Kiosk functions - IT administrators can implement compliance policies and app permissions, and apply them in batches to the controlled devices.

"We are excited to announce our integration with Android Enterprise," said Anson Xiong, CEO of Sand Studio. "It is our mission to provide the most secure and reliable mobile device management solution to enterprise customers. This integration ensures that our customers can take advantage of the latest security and efficiency features available in the market today."

Benefits of integration 

With AirDroid Business and Android Enterprise, all aspects of Android device management - from enrollment, deployment and group configuration - are kept simple and secure.

Through Android Enterprise, IT administrators can quickly enroll and deploy multiple mobile devices with existing company infrastructure while making sure that the devices are securely configured for business use. This makes it easier to enforce security and privacy policies, as well as keep confidential data safe.

Furthermore, Android Enterprise simplifies the user experience by providing a consistent experience across all devices, regardless of the device's OS version or manufacturer. Designed to be used with Google services and Google Play Store, it allows users to access corporate resources while still maintaining their personal experience. This includes access to personal apps and data while keeping corporate data secure.

The increased security, however, does not sacrifice flexibility and scalability. With its centralized control, Android Enterprise allows IT administrators to streamline the deployment of corporate-owned devices with zero-touch deployment (coming soon to AirDroid Business) and scale their device management strategies as their needs change, without having to invest in additional hardware or software.

About Android Enterprise

Android Enterprise is a multi-layered MDM platform that enables businesses to integrate Android-specific support functions into an MDM system for secure and simplified management of corporate mobile devices with higher security standard.

About AirDroid Business 

AirDroid Business, launched by Sand Studio, is an enterprise-grade MDM solution designed to enable business mobility and productivity through remote access and control, device provisioning, policy application and management, kiosk mode, and geofencing. With AirDroid Business, companies are able to free up more time and resources to focus on delivering the best services to their customers.

Contact Information:
Anita R.
AirDroid Marketing
[email protected]

Original Source: AirDroid Business Integrates With Google Android Enterprise; Brings Enhanced Security and Ease of Deployment to Customers
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