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Appcues celebrates impressive first year helping mobile apps fight abandonment, increase user retention

Appcues Mobile celebrates one year

This image displays mobile phones featuring in-app experiences created and delivered using Appcues' mobile app adoption software.

 Appcues, the product onboarding and adoption platform for web and mobile apps, is celebrating one year since the launch of Appcues Mobile, which extended the company’s no-code, in-app user engagement solution to mobile applications for the first time. The inaugural year was marked by relentless innovation and countless customer success stories.

Over the past year, Appcues Mobile has introduced a range of features—from in-app surveys to embedded dynamic content in-line—to address crucial challenges faced by mobile app developers and go-to-market teams. Utilizing these new capabilities, Appcues customers around the world are reducing app abandonment, increasing activation and usage, and delivering more personalized, product-led experiences to their users.

"At launch, Appcues Mobile revolutionized onboarding experiences through flexible modals, providing users with intuitive guidance that transformed app abandonment into active engagement," said Michaela Sleeth, Appcues’ Mobile Product Manager. "Subsequent enhancements, including mobile surveys, tooltips, the ability to solicit app store reviews, conduct control experiments, and embed experiences inline, have empowered organizations to drive deeper engagement, increase user satisfaction, and align with evolving user expectations."

During this transformative year, Appcues Mobile has made a significant impact on its users. "Since implementing Appcues Mobile, we've improved our success rate for onboarding newly registered users by 15%," stated Stephen Eddy, CEO of a lifestyle planning app, Foresyte. "User engagement has also improved as a result. If you're looking for ways to improve the product adoption journey for your users, I strongly recommend reaching out to the Appcues team to see how they can help."

Looking ahead, Appcues remains committed to driving innovation in the mobile app industry. Future features, such as localization and push notifications, will further empower app owners to expand their global reach and maintain meaningful connections with users, even beyond the app.

"With a transformative year behind us, we're looking forward with anticipation as we continue to shape the future of mobile app engagement," said Sleeth. "We're excited to continue working alongside our customers to deliver enhancements that will help them build the best user experience possible for their apps."

Appcues celebrates this milestone with a strong sense of purpose, determined to continue aiding mobile apps in combating abandonment rates and fostering lasting user engagement.

About Appcues Mobile 

Appcues Mobile empowers app developers and go-to-market teams to reduce app abandonment, increase activation and usage, and deliver more personalized, product-led experiences to their users. For more information about Appcues’ solutions for mobile applications, visit

About Appcues

Appcues is the product onboarding and adoption platform for web and mobile apps, designed to empower non-technical, customer-facing teams to deliver beautiful, personalized, and effective in-app experiences in minutes.

Thousands of software businesses around the world use Appcues to improve how users engage with their products—from onboarding new users and driving product adoption to creating awareness for new features and collecting customer insights—all without needing a developer.

Appcues is backed by Sierra Ventures, NewSpring Capital, and Accomplice. To learn more and start your free trial, visit

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Original Source: Appcues celebrates impressive first year helping mobile apps fight abandonment, increase user retention
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