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Elevator Flings — New Mobile App to Revolutionize Dating/Lifestyle Industry

An all-in-one social app soon to hit the Apple App Store and the Android Market. Why shuffle between multiple apps when Elevator Flings is catering to all social needs in one place? An app that helps people make new friends, find dates, and expand their networking circle.

NEW YORK - December 20, 2022 - (

The world is getting digital, and walking with it is the only way to move forward. In light of this, technological breakthroughs have transformed social interactions to ensure there are no communication gaps.

Elevator Flings is one such upcoming seamless mobile application all set to revolutionize online social interactions. As the name suggests, its goal is to seek out people looking for a "fling" to have a chance at socializing. The platform enables them to create their own social event from the comfort of their home and invite others to join. Alternatively, they can also track social events happening within their vicinity.

Unlike any typical social application, Elevator Flings is designed in such a way that it can cater to the needs and wants of users depending on their preference for socialization. The Customizable Profile Setup itself allows for a smooth user experience. 

Powered by a primary goal of enabling offline interactions, Elevator Flings connects people with similar interests who want to hang out or go on a date.

Out of hundreds of dating apps in the mobile app market, targeting a specific subsector in the socialization industry of match-making, this app offers an integrated socializing solution to the user's networking needs. To draw reference, Tinder and Bumble target the dating industry, whereas Elevator Flings is envisioned to introduce hookup culture in an affirmative light to discredit its gloomy connotations. 

Likewise, it offers a platform for exploring the networks you have around; it's high time to know who is in your building.

To that end, Elevator Flings is integrated with robust features that let the users in on what the people around them are up to. To start with, two kinds of Maps are integrated into the app. The first one is the Heat Map, showing where the most activity within one's vicinity is taking place. The map visualizes the events on the home screen and presents them in an interactive manner. Second is the 3D Map, which offers an immersive experience to the app users with appealing graphics.

The app is set to introduce a distinctive Knock feature to ensure no invasion of privacy. With this feature, people interested in joining an event near them will have to "knock" before entering. This means they will have to seek permission from the event creator before getting into action. Isn't it a perfect opportunity to put your Knock-Knock puns to the test? 

Furthermore, the app is powered by the Events and Groups Feature, allowing the users to create a group or an event from a wide range of pre-decided category sections. Whether the user wants to throw a party, meet a bunch of people to hang out with or simply wants to interact with a person to discuss topics of interest, this feature will cater to their needs effectively.

Elevator Flings deems to offer an affordable subscription model for its users. 

Basic (Free)
Silver ($12 per month)
Platinum ($20 per month)

Innovations for this trendsetting app are not halting any soon. Elevator Flings is planning to introduce emerging technologies in its application to change the dynamics of the dating app industry forever. It is only a matter of time before the revolution begins. Make sure you are there to witness it.

About The Creator

The visionary behind Elevator Flings is Nikolaos Travlos, who has decades of experience under his belt as an entrepreneur. Having ventured into different corporate industries over the years, Travlos bred the app idea and is ready to actualize his potential game-changing vision to revolutionize the dating and networking industry.

To learn more about the launch of Elevator Flings and what else the app offers, visit

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Roger Smith
Marketing Manager
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Art & Luxury Come Together at Eden Gallery Dubai’s 1st Anniversary

Experience Contemporary Art Like Never Before

Art & Luxury Come Together at Eden Gallery Dubai’s 1st Anniversary
Eden Gallery Dubai

Eden Gallery Dubai

Eden Gallery Dubai, a luxurious destination for contemporary art connoisseurs, is proud to celebrate its 1st anniversary. Nestled in the heart of Dubai, next to the iconic Burj Khalifa, the gallery boasts a lavish 11,000-square-ft space, with floor-to-ceiling artwork displayed in a modern design that allows the art to take center stage while providing visitors with a beautiful and alluring atmosphere. As one of the most exquisite galleries in the UAE, it's a must-visit for art enthusiasts visiting Dubai.

The Gallery That Redefined Art & Luxury

For over 25 years, Eden Gallery has been showcasing the works of renowned artists in premier locations worldwide. And now, Eden Gallery has brought Its expertise to the Middle East by opening Eden Gallery Dubai. This milestone anniversary marks a year of curating the most extraordinary and diverse exhibitions, featuring the works of some of our time's most exciting and innovative artists. From the bold and striking street art of Alec Monopoly to the vibrant and dynamic paintings of Eduardo Kobra, Eden Gallery Dubai offers a visual feast for art enthusiasts of all tastes. The gallery is also elated to feature the exceptional works of additional talented artists, including Gal Yosef, Angelo Accardi, David Kracov, and many more.

In addition to these exhibitions, Eden Gallery Dubai also hosts various exclusive events throughout the year, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to engage with the art and artists in a more personal and intimate setting. As they look forward to another year of bringing the best in contemporary art to Dubai, they invite everyone to join them in celebrating the 1st birthday of Eden Gallery Dubai.

Eden Gallery Dubai 1st Anniversary: Exclusive Events & Art

Eden Gallery invites guests to mark their calendars and join in a month-long celebration of FebruArt, a series of unique art events as part of their anniversary celebration. Long-time collectors and art enthusiasts are invited to immerse themselves in the vibrant and colorful world of contemporary art at Eden Gallery Dubai. The gallery is located in The Dubai Mall on Fashion Avenue and is open Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm. This is an opportunity for visitors to experience the epitome of luxury and art at Eden Gallery Dubai.

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Nitsan Avioz
PR manager
[email protected]

Naor Naftali
Director of Digital Marketing
[email protected]

Original Source: Art & Luxury Come Together at Eden Gallery Dubai's 1st Anniversary
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