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Former Tesla Agile Manufacturing Guru Joins CyberLandr

Joe Justice joins CyberLandr and brings experience working with Amazon, Toyota and Lockheed Martin

AUSTIN, Texas - September 15, 2022 - (

Stream It, Inc., creator of CyberLandr, the disappearing camper for Tesla Cybertruck, today announced former Tesla Agile manufacturing guru Joe Justice has joined its team.

Justice brings a wealth of experience in Agile manufacturing and software development, as well as his own improvements branded eXtreme Manufacturing (#JoeDX, Justice has consulted with Amazon, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Tesla, Toyota, Canon, and Microsoft.

"The future of housing may very well already be started here with Cyberlandr," Justice said. "When an AI, electronics, and software company pledges Tesla-level innovation and starts with a pop-up camper, it is no wonder the product receives more pre-orders than the entire pop-up camper market the prior year. I think executing on this product is important, and the coming product roadmap is so good that it is truly important for humanity."

Over the last 20 years, Agile has become popular in software development and is characterized by rapid, iterative change and testing. This has proven so effective for software that Tesla applied it to manufacturing, which has allowed it to improve more quickly than competitors. 

By applying these same principles, CyberLandr will develop and improve at an accelerating rate to make manufacturing a strategic competitive advantage.

CyberLandr will also continue its collaboration with Munro & Associates on lean design and manufacturing as the firm's depth and breadth of experience and talent have been invaluable. 

In manufacturing, Henry Ford developed the assembly line in 1913, which dramatically reduced the cost of manufacturing and forced competitors (and virtually all other high-volume manufacturers) to adopt the approach or perish. Similarly, in the 1980s, the Toyota Production System forced most manufacturers to adopt the new techniques to remain competitive. 

Now, Tesla's application of Agile manufacturing methods will force most manufacturers to embrace this approach or become increasingly less competitive.

"Joe's knowledge and passion make him a great addition to our growing world-class team and helps us to continuously push the boundaries of excellence in design, engineering, and manufacturing," said Lance King, CEO of  Stream It® and founder of Cyberlandr. "We invite excellent software and hardware engineers, who want to be part of an amazing team and work on innovative products in a smaller company where they can make more of a difference, to send their résumés to [email protected]."

About CyberLandr

CyberLandr™ is a product of Stream It®, the developer of the first mobile-capable, AI-enhanced, real-time analytics platform that turns video and sensor data into business intelligence. To learn more or to reserve your own CyberLandr, visit

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