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Learn About Edison Aerospace Green Energy Solutions

Edison Aerospace presents renewable green energy agricultural aviation solution at NAAA Convention

January 15, 2023 – Miami, FL – The December 2022 annual convention of the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) was the very first opportunity for Ag spray operators and pilots to see the Edison Heavy1 prototype spray aircraft.

Although the model that made its appearance was not the 40-foot wingspan with 3,000-pound MTOW of the production aircraft, it made a big impression by promising to give aerial applicators a better, cheaper, cleaner, and safer spray aircraft to upgrade to from their existing piston and turbine models. The requirements to fly the Edison Heavy1 will be the same Part 137 rules currently in place, so this plane will require the same level of experience and professionalism that is now required to fly AirTractor and Thrush aircraft in the field.

Gene Avakyan and Edison prototipe for green energy

With an operating cost reduction of 50% when compared to a turbine sprayer and cleaner and quieter operation, the Edison Heavy1 is a revolutionary step up from internal combustion aircraft. Furthermore, by taking the pilot out of the airplane, Edison is working to save the lives lost every year spraying our crops by putting the pilot in a comfortable ground control station with full controls and first-person views just like sitting in the cockpit. Additionally, the pilot workload will be reduced with assistive features like optional automatic takeoff and landing and full flight envelope control, with hands-off automatic leveling provided by the flight computer.

There should be no one dying to help us raise better crops. Therefore, the goal of Edison Aerospace is to replace the majority of spray aircraft working in the US within 10 to 15 years. With patents pending on key technology and having established considerable traction among spray operators, other industry members, and interest from the USDA for assistance in their research programs, Edison Aerospace is in a unique position to revolutionize agricultural aviation and usher in the beginning of a clean, green, agricultural evolution that will first benefit the people working in the field today and the rural communities they call home. 

Learn About Edison Aerospace Green Energy Solutions

Edison is working to deliver a win-win-win solution: helping our spray operators save operating costs and their lives, lowering the price for aerial application, thus increasing the market for the service, and giving the public cleaner skies and better, cheaper produce.

Contact: Gene Avakyan, CEO, at [email protected]

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Theia Interactive Named Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner

Theia joins a short list of visualization pros providing client technical and development support.

Theia Interactive Named Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner
Theia Interactive, Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner

Epic Games' Virtual Lab Automotive Showcase

Leading-edge visualization experts Theia Interactive have been named an Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner by Epic Games. 

As adoption and use of Unreal Engine has grown exponentially across a multitude of industry sectors, the Authorized Service Partner program was launched to "provide the highest level of technical support, implementation, and co-dev services to current and prospective Unreal Engine customers."

Prospective service partners are invited to apply for the designation, and must meet stringent criteria for inclusion. They must be "experts in their industry, and be creative problem solvers and excellent tool builders. What's more, Unreal Authorized Service Partners' portfolios must include Unreal Engine-based work of consistently high quality. Once invited to join, potential Partners then complete a detailed application, skills assessment, and technical interviews before acceptance into the program is possible" according to Epic.

"Applying for, and being accepted into the ASP program, was a natural choice for Theia," said Theia Co-Founder and CEO Bill Fishkin. "Unreal Engine is fundamental to what we do. Practically our entire digital workflow is built with Unreal Engine. 

"We take great pride in all of our work, and especially the 100+ projects we've created, including many for Epic Games. Our close collaboration over the years has provided us not only with access to Unreal's technical support, development, and management teams, but has also allowed us to advocate for our clients visualization needs with the premier provider of creative tools for real-time rendering.

"We're excited to formalize our partnership and look forward to working even more closely with our friends at Epic Games."

About Theia Interactive
Theia Interactive is an immersive solutions studio with a passion for building beautiful, state-of-the-art virtual environments and experiences for Enterprise clients. Whether it's world-building for brands in the Metaverse, creating digital twins for design review, or working with product manufacturers to design and develop virtual demonstrations, Theia tells engaging stories through visualization. Their mission is to build collaborative communities, spark imaginations, and strengthen brand loyalty for their client companies. Theia has created award-winning projects for companies from multiple Industries such as Epic Games, HP, Mohawk Industries, NVIDIA, AWS, Grainger, Toll Brothers and Pampered Chef. For more information visit

About Unreal Engine
Developed by Epic Games and introduced in 1998, Unreal Engine is a complete suite of creation tools for game development, architectural and automotive visualization, linear film and television content creation, broadcast and live event production, training and simulation, and other real-time applications.

Contact Information:
Kathy Barrett
Marketing Director
[email protected]
(530) 680-7186

Original Source: Theia Interactive Named Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner
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