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Legacy Suite Announces Publication of Patent for Management of Digital and Traditional Assets

Developers of estate planning, password manager, and crypto wallet solutions announce the publication of a U.S. patent.

Legacy Suite announces the company's U.S. patent publication for an estate planning and beneficiary management system.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 11,599,961, titled "Estate Planning and Beneficiary Management System Including Digital Assets," that addresses the system's structure to safeguard different categories of personal digital documents. The patent, filed on June 30, 2022, and granted on March 7, 2023, expands the breadth and depth of Legacy Suite's intellectual property portfolio and underscores its commitment to innovation.

"The granting of this patent recognizes the innovation and unique nature of Legacy Suite's products for protecting the wide range of digital assets that have become common and essential in people's lives, and it protects our work as Legacy Suite expands its reach in the marketplace," company President Gordon Bell said.

Legacy Suite is the developer of an innovative, comprehensive, and integrated slate of products that allow people to manage digital assets like passwords, electronic legal and financial documents, images and other digital media, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, both for their use and as a legacy to their heirs.

"With the emergence of the digital revolution, many of the things people own and consume aren't tangible," said Bell. "That includes cryptocurrency, online banking accounts, social media accounts, and email accounts, as well as digital versions of vital documents like living wills and health care directives."

A person's estate changes over the years, including adjustments to asset portfolios, health insurance policies, marriages and divorces, deaths and births of family members, and tax considerations if moving to a different state or country, Bell said. Also, investment portfolios may increase or decrease in value, and some physical assets may be acquired, sold, donated, or lost.

Users can select heirs and other beneficiaries to access the platform's critical data and digital assets. The estate planning process can include an inventory of assets and the instructions and credentials to locate and access them.

The information is organized into suites, including a legal suite for legal documents, a legacy suite for user legacy information, a digital suite for passwords and digital asset access information, and a financial suite for traditional and digital assets.

"There is clearly a need to include digital estate planning considerations in the traditional estate planning model, and Legacy Suite provides solutions that offer protection and peace of mind for the owner of those digital assets today and in the future," Bell said. 

About Legacy Suite

Legacy Suite is a complete end-to-end solution providing first-class digital asset management, estate planning support, and crypto wallet protection. Legacy Suite is a secure solution for crypto self-custody and password management, which allows you to hold your own keys, set up directives, assign executors, and have peace of mind knowing that your digital assets will safely transfer to your next of kin.

To learn more about Legacy Suite, please visit

To learn more about Legacy Suite's patent, please visit

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Madeleine Moench
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Original Source: Legacy Suite Announces Publication of Patent for Management of Digital and Traditional Assets
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Empowering the Future: SourceLess Presents Revolutionary Solutions at Europe’s Premier Crypto Gathering, Web3 Berlin 2023

SourceLess Revolutionizes the Blockchain Industry by Unveiling the SourceLess Wallet and wNFT Platform at Web3 Berlin 2023, Europe's Largest Crypto and NFT Conference, Setting the Stage for the First World Wide Blockchain

Empowering the Future: SourceLess Presents Revolutionary Solutions at Europe’s Premier Crypto Gathering, Web3 Berlin 2023
Empowering the Future - Sourceless Presents Revolutionary Solutions at Web3 Berlin 2023

Empowering the Future - Sourceless Presents Revolutionary Solutions at Web3 Berlin 2023

SourceLess, a revolutionary blockchain technology company, is set to officially launch its cutting-edge technologies at the upcoming Web3 Berlin 2023 conference. The major event, Europe's largest crypto and NFT gathering, will take place on June 10-11, bringing together an audience of 8,000 attendees and over 300 expert speakers to explore and discuss the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of the Web3 ecosystem.

With the introduction of the SourceLess Wallet and the wNFT platform, SourceLess aims to reshape the blockchain industry and establish a leading role in this technology space, marking a significant milestone in its mission to create the first World Wide Blockchain.

The ground-breaking innovations SourceLess brings to the table will debut with the SourceLess Wallet - a decentralized crypto wallet that promises unmatched security, privacy, and offline functionality to its users. The wallet features a highly intuitive interface and exclusively encrypts all wallet information on the user's device, eliminating the risks associated with centralized authentication systems.

In parallel, SourceLess introduces the wNFT platform, a gateway to a new era of digital ownership. Going beyond digital art, this platform offers a diverse range of NFTs, each representing lifetime ownership of an STR.domain with real-world benefits. Additionally, the platform hosts valuable utility NFT collections from esteemed partners that bridge the physical and digital realms, providing tangible value to its users.

Through the wNFT platform, users will have the opportunity to acquire, which play a central role in the SourceLess ecosystem. These domains offer lifetime ownership, a stable and secure online presence, complete control over digital identity, and the ability to tokenize businesses. They enable the creation of websites or applications with simple commands, boast zero transaction costs, and provide tools for scalability and communication within the ecosystem.

Web3 Berlin 2023 serves as the perfect event for SourceLess to unveil its groundbreaking technologies and marks the first step in establishing its comprehensive ecosystem. As the project continues to develop its offerings, it aims to create a more intelligent and interconnected web — the first World Wide Blockchain.

SourceLess Labs Foundation - Linking the World, Empowering the Future

Contact Information:
Iulian Bondari
Head of Marketing
[email protected]

Original Source: Empowering the Future: SourceLess Presents Revolutionary Solutions at Europe's Premier Crypto Gathering, Web3 Berlin 2023
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